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Welcome to Butterfly Bunny Studio Blog! I’m Sharie.

Butterfly Bunny Studio Blog is my new Art and Lifestyle Blog based in Columbia, Maryland. 

I try to find time every day to be creative in some way! Normally, I spend most of my day painting and doing administration for my shop, butterflybunnystudio.store, in my basement art studio. However, my art studio is under construction at the moment, so I have set up a mini studio in our livingroom.

I am a Mixed Media Artist. I love all kinds of art supplies but I believe my favorite art medium is Watercolor. My favorite watercolor brands are Designs by Rachel Beth Handmade Watercolors, Jane Davenport Watercolors and Prima Marketing Watercolors. I’ll talk more about favorite art mediums in up coming posts!


Writing from the heart

Meet Sharie

Artist, blogger, bunny & Disney lover



Art Studio Redo Coming Soon!

My art Studio is currently under construction, due to a misfortunate series of events but it will be better than ever soon!

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