The Outlaw Music Festival and Other Revelations

I was very tempted to name this post something REALLY fun and catchy, like for instance, “My Life-Long Love Affair with Willie Nelson”, or “We’re All Outlaws at Heart”. But… Welllll, Mr. Nelson may have personally, although I’m sure, through his law team, taken exception to the first, as it could only be true inContinue reading “The Outlaw Music Festival and Other Revelations”

Costumes for Mickey’s Not So Scarey Halloween Party

My husband and I are going as Sorcerer Mickey and one of the enchanted brooms. I will be Mickey and my husband will be the broom AND it was my husband’s idea!! We are having so much fun planning and putting together our costumes! I’ll give you links to as much as I can! SocererContinue reading “Costumes for Mickey’s Not So Scarey Halloween Party”

Altered Little Golden Book as Autograph Book and Art Journal

I usually make a new a autograph book for each trip to Disney (and if I don’t, I regret it). For this trip, instead of a dedicated autograph book, I decided to take my Bongo the Bear altered Little Golden Book to use as an autograph book and art journal. I’ll take my favorite retractableContinue reading “Altered Little Golden Book as Autograph Book and Art Journal”

Disney Bounding and an Orange Bird Manicure

Right now, I’m all about this coming weekend! Saturday, we are having a joint celebration of my and Josh’s milestone birthdays and Sunday, Josh flies to Australia to see his girlfriend and meet her family, while, Jason and I fly to Disney to continue celebrating my birthday! Sunday evening, we are attending the Air SupplyContinue reading “Disney Bounding and an Orange Bird Manicure”

Disney Bounding with an Orange Bird Inspired Handbag

We’ll be headed to Disney World soon to celebrate my mile-stone birthday and that means that I’m in the process of planning all my outfits! Our first evening at Disney is my actual birthday and we will be at Epcot for the Air Supply concert! The Parks If you’re like me, you dress according toContinue reading “Disney Bounding with an Orange Bird Inspired Handbag”

A Double Birthday Party Weekend and a Special Painting Revealed

Tuesday, August 2nd On Saturday, July 23rd, I told you all about the special painting that I had been procrastinating on painting for my friend, Erum. I was just scared that I would disappoint both of us but once I finally painted it, literally years after she asked for it, it turned out so goodContinue reading “A Double Birthday Party Weekend and a Special Painting Revealed”

Taking Care of Mom

Wednesday, July 27 Today was a Pennsylvania day. My mother and brother live in Pennsylvania. More accurately, my brother lives in Pennsylvania and our mother lives with him. When mom first thought about moving to Pennsylvania, I had offered for her to stay in Maryland and live with me but it’s hard to separate aContinue reading “Taking Care of Mom”

Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th Today was much cooler than it has been lately and Jason encouraged me to go outside and enjoy my garden. So, I gave myself permission and I did just that! Give yourself permission In this fast paced world we live in, it’s important to give ourselves permission to just BE…to sit still…toContinue reading “Tuesday, July 26th”

Monday Meal Prep, Dinner Plans and Cooking Shows

Monday, July 25 The bee sting I got yesterday feels much better today. It still itches like crazy and occasionally, I get a shooting pain but I’m so glad that the constant pain of yesterday is gone! Monday Meal Prep Yesterday, while Jason did the grocery shopping and before I was stung, I made theContinue reading “Monday Meal Prep, Dinner Plans and Cooking Shows”

A Dastardly Bee

Sunday, July 24th Today was going so well and I was accomplishing so much and then I was stung on my foot! Well, we think I was stung. I never actually saw the culprit but Jason thought it looked like a bee sting. Even now, some 8 hours later, it hurts so bad! I usuallyContinue reading “A Dastardly Bee”

A Special Painting and Fighting Procrastination

Saturday, July 23rd I finally sat down at my desk to work on a special painting. My muse My friend Erum is often my muse. With her long black hair, olive colored skin and self confidence, she’s very much the opposite of me. I am blonde, pale and shy. I have to force myself toContinue reading “A Special Painting and Fighting Procrastination”

My Favorite Day of the Month

Wednesday, July 20th Today is my favorite day of the month! It’s my beauty day or self-care day. Rather you call it self-care day, beauty day or me time, it’s important for your well being. Self-care day vs Beauty day I’m guessing that the term “self-care day” is more often used now because calling itContinue reading “My Favorite Day of the Month”

Ice Cream Trail and Other Adventures

Sunday, June 17th This Sunday we continued on with our ice cream trail challenge. Erum and Peter went along with us, which made it a great adventure! Our first stop… We left our house at 2pm. The plan was to stop at two ice cream stands and then find a place for a light dinner,Continue reading “Ice Cream Trail and Other Adventures”

Murdoch Mysteries and Other Things

Friday, June 15th Murdoch Mysteries We finished watching another episode of Murdoch Mysteries and I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next episode! One of my favorite characters is George Crabtree. He’s just a sweetie! He may not be the smartest guy in the world but he works hard, he’s kind and he does the bestContinue reading “Murdoch Mysteries and Other Things”

Thursday’s Peloton Ride and Other News.

Thursday, July 14th Today’s Peloton ride Today’s Peloton ride took me through Canberra Park, Australia. I was just telling you yesterday that the Peloton scenic rides usually left much to be desired but this one was a very pretty ride! I wish all the scenic rides were so pretty! I usually walk with my friend,Continue reading “Thursday’s Peloton Ride and Other News.”

Getting back on my Peloton

I feel like it’s been a long journey but I’ve finally gotten back on my Peloton! I stayed off it for months in fear of causing myself more leg pain but I FINALLY overcame the fear. As someone, and I know I’m not alone in this, who has had leg pain every day, literally, forContinue reading “Getting back on my Peloton”

Fighting Weight Gain and Hypoglycemic Attacks

Tuesday, July 12th It can be a vicious circle. You have pain that stops you from exercising and then you gain weight. In an attempt to loss the weight, you cut calories and then you have low blood sugar attacks. To stop the low blood sugar attacks (Hypoglycemia), you have to eat more. Then youContinue reading “Fighting Weight Gain and Hypoglycemic Attacks”

Monday Meal Prep

Today I’m brining chicken breast for Jason to grill. Brining chicken for grilling I have about 2 1/2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast that I want to brine and have Jason grill for lunches and possibly quick dinners. I always brine my Thanksgiving Turkey and it is Amazing! But, as far as I canContinue reading “Monday Meal Prep”

A Quiet Sunday

Sunday, July 10th Yesterday, we had the best evening with our friends, Erum and Peter. Today, we are having a quiet day at home. Because of my sleep disorder, despite being tired last night and wanting to go to sleep at 12:30/1:00 am, I didn’t actually sleep until after 6am. And today, I’m really veryContinue reading “A Quiet Sunday”

A Fun Saturday with Friends

Saturday, July 9th Saturday, we had planned to continue on the ice cream trail and our friends, Erum and Peter, were going to join us. Unfortunately, it ended up raining and since road trips are more fun in the sun, we decided to do something else! The Plan The plan was to have dinner atContinue reading “A Fun Saturday with Friends”

Some Days Are Just Like This

The past few days I’ve been feeling really down. I guess it’s the “after a holiday blues.” Even Jason has commented on how down I’ve been. He actually said I’ve been in despair. I think “despair” is a little too strong of a word but I have definitely been down. These blues surprise me becauseContinue reading “Some Days Are Just Like This”

Kindred Spirits, Anne Shirley and Diana dear

(Featured image is from the Seasons at Green Gables monthly planner by Anne Bielski) Friday, I visited my friend in the hospital again. This time I didn’t get lost I didn’t get lost driving there this time, which was wonderful and that meant that I got there much earlier than I expected to. We hadContinue reading “Kindred Spirits, Anne Shirley and Diana dear”

my favorite time of the day

It’s Thursday, June 30th and it’s my favorite time of the day, coffee time! I was hoping Jason would join me in the garden like he did on Wednesday but he’s in the mood to bake bread, which is one of his favorite things! Today, I spent way too much time petting Buttercup and writingContinue reading “my favorite time of the day”

Another Busy Wednesday!

Wednesday, June 29th. There was quite a bit happening on Wednesday. I’m did a little house cleaning and laundry folding… I had a video appointment with my nutritionist around 3pm… I planned to fix dinner, if I wasn’t in too much pain from cleaning… I was also hoping to spend some time in my gardenContinue reading “Another Busy Wednesday!”

The 4th of July is here!

Monday, July 4th This year, I have really been looking forward to the 4th of July and we had such a fun and delicious day! I’m one of those lucky people that can truthfully say that my husband is my best friend and we always have (ok, usually always have) a great time together, noContinue reading “The 4th of July is here!”

July 3rd, One Day until the 4th of July

Sunday, July 3rd This morning Jason suggested that we go today to see the Frederick Keyes vs Trento Thunder baseball game and fireworks.  They had a big fireworks finale planned as a 4th of July celebration and Jason thought this would be the most enjoyable experience for me because they have actual bathrooms, we wouldContinue reading “July 3rd, One Day until the 4th of July”

Pre-4th of July dinner!

I know that after my earlier post, you say a don’t what a good sulk is but, we had the yummiest of pre-4th of July dinner on Saturday! Lol As many of you know, usually, the only meat I eat is chicken and very occasionally, turkey. You can read more about that here, But,Continue reading “Pre-4th of July dinner!”

Saturday, July 2nd and Disappointment.

I so wanted to go back to Berlin, MD today and get one of the mermaid statues that we saw last weekend in the window of Town Center Antiques. I had it all planned out! We’d go get one of the mermaids and then have ice cream and maybe get a few crabs and thenContinue reading “Saturday, July 2nd and Disappointment.”

Buttercup’s Monthly Doctor Appointment

Now that Buttercup has become an elderly bunny, she sees her veterinarian, Dr. Haskin, about once per month. I really can not say enough good things about Dr. Haskin and her team! You can find them at I could bring Buttercup less often to see Dr. Haskin but lately Buttercup needs a dental aboutContinue reading “Buttercup’s Monthly Doctor Appointment”

4th of July Recipes, Along with Some Magical and Not So Magical Memories

For years now, missing the 4th of July fireworks has made me feel as if I’ve missed the summer. 4th of July’s of the past As a child, after our mother married our step father, we were no longer allowed to go to see fireworks or parades on the 4th of July. My brother couldContinue reading “4th of July Recipes, Along with Some Magical and Not So Magical Memories”

Maryland Ice Cream Trail, week 2

This week, we were too tired on Saturday to follow any of the Maryland Ice Cream Trail but Sunday, Jason had a little cabin fever and wanted to get out of the house. The Ice Cream Trail spans much of Maryland, so I asked Jason to pick where we would go, while I got ready.Continue reading “Maryland Ice Cream Trail, week 2”

A Restful Saturday

Saturday, we were too tired after a long week to attempt any of the Md Ice Cream Trail . Instead, we stayed home. Jason played on his computer and I wrote. Later in the day we ended up googling and daydreaming about possible vacation spots. We probably won’t actually be able to go anywhere thisContinue reading “A Restful Saturday”

An Extra Busy Tuesday

Last Tuesday was super busy. I woke up extra early and headed to Pennsylvania to drop some things off to my brother and help our mother a bit. Our mother is elderly and lives with my brother. She can not do much for herself anymore and my brother does a great job of taking careContinue reading “An Extra Busy Tuesday”

Visiting the Garden Center

Last Friday, I visited Valley View Farms in Cockeysville, Md. I had a lot of empty flower pots and I really wanted to fill them up, so I decided it was time to visit a garden center. I have 3 favorite garden centers. I really love this garden center. It’s been here for as longContinue reading “Visiting the Garden Center”

Self Care Day

I love going for my monthly facial and mani/pedi. I try to go every 4 to 5 weeks. Making a plan is key I put it on my calendar early, so that it’s harder to let other things get in the way. I know I’m very lucky to be able to do this on aContinue reading “Self Care Day”

Tidying the Kitchen Pantry

Today’s forecast is rain, so it’s a good day to reorganize the kitchen pantry. Despite the fact that the pantry was built along with the rest of the house, by the same company that built the house, the pantry has a very sparse, beginner-DIY look to it. On one half of the pantry, the shelvesContinue reading “Tidying the Kitchen Pantry”

Dealing with the Impending Death of a Friend

Thursday was a very hard day… It was my allotted day of the week to visit my friend in the hospital. My dear friend is dying.  I allot myself 1 or 2 days every week to go visit her and schedule it on my calendar because otherwise, it would be much too easy to stayContinue reading “Dealing with the Impending Death of a Friend”

A Lazy Sunday

Today feels like the definition of a lazy summer Sunday. The weather is perfect. Temperatures are in the mid to high 70s, a breeze is blowing and the trees are shading the back yard. My husband loved his father’s day gifts and now he’s content to do nothing more than browse news stories and RedditContinue reading “A Lazy Sunday”

Visiting the Maryland Ice Cream Trail

Jason and I heard about the Md Ice Cream Trail last summer. At the time, we talked about following it but we got busy and never got around to it. Earlier this week, Jason read something about it online and said, “You know, if we start this weekend, we could complete the Icecream Trail beforeContinue reading “Visiting the Maryland Ice Cream Trail”

A Garden Center, a Homeless Man and a Sunburn

A Garden Center, a Homeless Man and a Sunburn. Those 3 things do not sound like they go together, but they did for me on Friday. Where to start… This year, I told myself that I wasn’t going to buy any flowers. I would stick with the flowers that came back up from last yearContinue reading “A Garden Center, a Homeless Man and a Sunburn”

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Many people have difficulty folding fitted sheets because they just don’t know how to begin. I have been folding fitted sheets since I was quite young and if you know how to do it, you are halfway there! With a little practice, you’ll be folding your fitted sheets like a pro! The true first stepContinue reading “How to Fold a Fitted Sheet”

Today’s Main Goal

Today’s main goal is to fold and put away sheets and coverlets …or atleast fold them. It’s another beautiful day and it’s very difficult for me to be inside on a nice day. My heart is just constantly pulling me towards the outdoors and my gardens. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t really allowed to goContinue reading “Today’s Main Goal”

This Tuesday’s Daily Goal

Tuesday, June 14th On Sunday, when I planned out my week,  today’s forecast was rain all day. So, I set today’s big goal to be cleaning the house. As it turns out, today has been a gorgeous, cool day (low 80s, instead of the high 80s of yesterday) and since I love to spend asContinue reading “This Tuesday’s Daily Goal”

Setting Daily Goals

Monday, June 13th I have found that I accomplish much more if I set daily goals for myself. I generally try to go to sleep with the next days goals in my head, otherwise, I tend to be rather aimless and just sort of roam around the house, not being able to decide what toContinue reading “Setting Daily Goals”

Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to be thankful and be with family… but for many, between hectic lives and families being spread out over multiple states, that isn’t always possible. For me, add to that, that Thanksgiving is just a few days after the anniversary of my father’s death, and Thanksgiving (and Christmas)Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2021”

Bridgerton, Netflix

I love period dramas and comedies. I usually love anything Jane Austin. Generally speaking, anything in Medivel garb or empire waist garb, I will try! Of course, my husband is not so much into period dramas (or comedies, for that matter) but will occasionally watch with me. We put off watching Bridgerton because we heardContinue reading “Bridgerton, Netflix”

A Moody Christmas and The Moodys, Australian Tv Show

If you’ve ever been to a crazy family gathering and probably most of us have at some time or other, I think you will appreciate this show. Or, if you’re the kind of person that often feels like, the family “in your head, is not the family that shows up”, you might even be noddingContinue reading “A Moody Christmas and The Moodys, Australian Tv Show”

Derry Girls

From the time we turned on Derry Girls until the end of season 2, we never stopped laughing! This show is absolutely hilarious and from Erin Quinn to “the wee English fella” the entire cast is fantastic! There are so many great lines that I can’t even pick a favorite. For reasons I really don’tContinue reading “Derry Girls”

W1A – TV Series

My husband and I just finished watching the Mockumentary W1A. W1A is a comedy/Mockumentary about a team of people that work at the BBC headquarters, new Boardcasting House, “somewhere in London”. Basically, it’s the BBC making fun of itself and it’s doing a great job! Just as most documentaries are narrated, W1A is narrated byContinue reading “W1A – TV Series”

Halloween Mani Pedi

This month I challenged Ms. Jenny to paint little ghosties on my nails. Although Jenny’s always very nervous about doing designs, she always does a great job! The colors are DND – Gel & Lacquer – Orange Sherbet – #713 and DND – Gel & Lacquer – Pink Grapefruit – #718. I knew from theContinue reading “Halloween Mani Pedi”

Vivacious Lady with Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers, 1938

I have cold and while I’m recovering, I have started watching the movies I was saving for winter. A few days ago, I watched Vivacious Lady with Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers, Charles Coburn, Beulah Bondi and Hattie McDaniel. I didn’t care for the name of the movie but other wise, it was really a funContinue reading “Vivacious Lady with Jimmy Stewart, Ginger Rogers, 1938”

Low FODMAP Chicken Provençal

I’m always looking for new and delicious chicken recipes! As a teenager, I collected cookbooks and my favorite cookbook, along side of my vintage 1940s baking cookbook that had belonged to my grandmother, was 365 Ways to Cook Chicken! Now a days, I’m much busier than I was back then, so the recipes can notContinue reading “Low FODMAP Chicken Provençal”

The Almost Vegetarian: Why I Found it Necessary to Start Eating Chicken Again

Some of you may know that 10 or so years ago, as per doctor’s orders, for my health, I became a vegetarian . Though it started out purely for my health, after a while, it became more about how our live stock is treated and slaughtered and just generally that I’m very high empathy andContinue reading “The Almost Vegetarian: Why I Found it Necessary to Start Eating Chicken Again”

Walk on the Wild Side, 1962, Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Fonda, Capucine

Last night I watched the most delightful movie! It starred Myrna Loy, Jeanette McDonald and Maurice Chevalier. I believe it was his first American movie. Until I saw this movie, I could not really understand the appeal of Maurice Chavelie but this movie showed me!… But that’s a story for another day! As the movieContinue reading “Walk on the Wild Side, 1962, Barbara Stanwyck, Jane Fonda, Capucine”

Honey Bunch: Her First Summer on an Island, Copyright 1929, Red Cloth Cover, Vintage Book Altered Art Journal

This week’s Honey Bunch Altered Art Journal can be found in my Etsy shop at this link:

Extra Special Mani Pedi

This month’s mani pedi was extra special, so I wanted to share it with you. I challenged Ms. Jenny to paint little roses on my nails. She’s always very nervous about doing designs but she always does a great job! Here they are! The colors are: Bright blue base color: Sakura 178 Flowers: Sakura 159,Continue reading “Extra Special Mani Pedi”

Pretty nails!

The Barbarian 1933 with Myrna Loy

I absolutely love Myrna Loy but I only recently discovered her, so I have slowly been working on watching all her movies. Generally speaking, I save movie watching for winter but our DVR is pretty full of movies I’m saving for winter, so I decided to watch “The Barbarian” last night. I knew nothing aboutContinue reading “The Barbarian 1933 with Myrna Loy”

Honey Bunch Her First Visit to the City, Copyright 1923, Red Cloth Cover, Vintage Book Altered Art Journal

This week’s Honey Bunch Altered Art Journal can be found in my Etsy shop at this link:

Crappy Art

Here’s to crappy art!

Low Fodmap Lemon Chicken Soup

I modified a traditional recipe to make this Lemon Chicken Soup Fodmap-friendly so it can be enjoyed without the pain caused by Fodmaps!

Braised Chicken Breast

The best chicken you’ll ever eat! ( in my opinion. Lol)

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday … My 49th birthday… but, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone that! Lol This year, I find that I’m feeling oddly happy and optimistic about it being my birthday! I woke up today wanting to shout, “Happy Birthday everyone” like Frosty the Snowman and then I remembered, it isn’t everyone’s birthday,  it’s MYContinue reading “Happy Birthday!”

Hang in There!

Some days it’s hard to be strong but we will. For ourselves. For our loved ones. Out of stubbornness. Find your reason and stick to it. For me, it’s my son. Whenever I feel like I can’t cope with anymore, whenever I feel like giving up, I just think of him… And I find myContinue reading “Hang in There!”

Dealing with Problems

Dealing with health problems and other problems can feel overwhelming, scary, confusing and all kinds of other things. Most of the time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if you can, it’s best to focus on that. And also, being pro-active can be helpful, because you are doing “something” toContinue reading “Dealing with Problems”

In Farleigh Field, a Novel by Rhys Bowen

I just finished reading Blackout and All Clear by Connie Willis. Blackout and All Clear are time travel novels set in World War II. Not wanting to leave the era yet, I looked up novels set in World War II. I found several novels but I really did not want to read something that wouldContinue reading “In Farleigh Field, a Novel by Rhys Bowen”

GODIVA Chocolatier Chocolate Stores are Closing

Godiva Chocolatier has been the premier maker of fine Belgian chocolates since 1926 and I am so sad to see that they are closing all of their North American Stores. I read the news on my Google news feed a couple of days ago and I could not believe it. I told my husband andContinue reading “GODIVA Chocolatier Chocolate Stores are Closing”

Ribbon – Candy colored, silky satin, grosgrained, knobby silk, rustic jute and burlap-like

Like a lot of other sewers, I love and collect ribbon (and fabric)(and thread). It’s a passion, an addiction, maybe even a disease! Lol I’ve had many of my sewing patterns since I was in highschool. Some of my fabrics and ribbon spools, I have had since my early 20s. I even have some ofContinue reading “Ribbon – Candy colored, silky satin, grosgrained, knobby silk, rustic jute and burlap-like”

Favorite Watercolor Paints

As you may know from my past posts and my website,, I LOVE watercolors! But before I could love them, I had to overcome my fear of them! If you are a non painter or already love watercolors, you may be asking, “How can anyone be AFRAID of watercolors?” Well, it was all theContinue reading “Favorite Watercolor Paints”

Pinnacle Memorial Hospital, York PA

My elderly mother just had a health scare and was in the hospital for 4 nights. She was bleeding badly and her doctor was afraid for her life, so he sent her to the hospital. She was taken by ambulance to Pinnacle Memorial Hospital off route 30, in York Pennsylvania. I am happy to sayContinue reading “Pinnacle Memorial Hospital, York PA”

Give Yourself Permission…

I find that often I feel guilty, especially when the weather is good, if I want to read a book, watch a movie or do some other fun thing. I’m sure I’m not the only person that ever feels this way. For me, I believe it stems from core beliefs that I was taught asContinue reading “Give Yourself Permission…”

Tips on Running an Etsy Store, #1

As a fulltime artist and sole proprietor of Butterfly Bunny Studio my goal is to paint and / or work on shop administration on a daily basis. While the painting part is fun, the administration part is not but it is necessary and most be done. Working on admin daily helps to reduce stress becauseContinue reading “Tips on Running an Etsy Store, #1”

Create On the Go Series – Watercolor Palette

One of the great things about watercolors is that they are easy to carry with you anywhere! You can paint in the car, in an airplane, at a cafe… Unless you choose to carry more, you need only your palette, a little water, a painting surface and a paint brush or 2. During the springContinue reading “Create On the Go Series – Watercolor Palette”

Today’s Paintings

Today I wanted to include my newest paint palette by Pfeiffer art supply in my paintings, so today’s paintings with have a lot of sparkle! My first painting today was The Sunshiney Day. My second painting today was a cute bunny. I’m really loving my beautiful new Peacock Set by Jen of Pfeiffer art supply.Continue reading “Today’s Paintings”

Daily Art Supplies

My current on going art-supply-craze is Caran d’Ache Neocolor ii, Turner Acryl Gouache, Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground and the newest, Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor Sticks. I love these products so much that I am finding ways to add them to my daily art routine. I was introduced to Caran d’Ache Neocolor ii, Turner AcrylContinue reading “Daily Art Supplies”

Discovering Watercolors and My Favorite Watercolor Paper

From my youngest memories I was constantly coloring, painting or sewing. Luckily, my parents and grandparents encouraged me in this. One of my favorite Christmas gifts from my grandparents was a Disney drawing desk that had clear plastic overlays that taught you how to draw Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and Pluto! ByContinue reading “Discovering Watercolors and My Favorite Watercolor Paper”

Today’s Paintings

Over the holidays I’ve been working on teaching myself to paint my girls looking up and I’m having so much fun with it! These are painted on wood, with 2 coats of Daniel Smith Watercolor Ground. They are sketched with Stabilo All pencil and painted in layers using Caran d’Ache Neocolor ii, Daniel Smith WatercolorContinue reading “Today’s Paintings”

My Christmas Wish for You

I woke up this morning feeling stupid-excited that it is Christmas Eve… despite the fact that we are going nowhere, seeing no one, eating nothing special and have no gifts! Infact, I believe I woke today with a true sense of “child-like” joy. There wasn’t much joy in my actual childhood and I’ve been searchingContinue reading “My Christmas Wish for You”

A Short Travel Stay-Cation in the Nashville Area

My best friend, Tammy, and I hadn’t seen eachother in 2 years! (Warning: there WILL BE excessive use of capitalization and exclamation points in this article! Lol) We’ve been trying to get together for a long time now but things kept getting in the way! Everything from family emergencies to a Global Pandemic has beenContinue reading “A Short Travel Stay-Cation in the Nashville Area”

Rice Cooker Oatmeal with Apples and Cinnamon (Corrected recipe)

During the cold weather I love to have a nice hot Oatmeal for breakfast or lunch. I love using my little rice cooker to cook my Oatmeal because it is super convenient and easy to clean afterwards. Simply layer all the ingredients inside your rice cooker, add water and switch on. It’s that easy! WithinContinue reading “Rice Cooker Oatmeal with Apples and Cinnamon (Corrected recipe)”

It’s a Beautiful Snowy Day

Today, we had the first snow of the year here in Columbia, Maryland. The snow is falling and my friend’s daughters are out in front of my house squealing and building snowmen. Even the neighborhood cat is enjoying the snow, wiggling her tail and pouncing at it! Her hooman tried to catch her but sheContinue reading “It’s a Beautiful Snowy Day”

Shaun the Sheep and Other Fun Stuff

If you are looking for some good, clean family TV fun… or just looking for something fun to watch when you want to relax and you’re not afraid to watch an animated series, check out Shaun the Sheep! Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated series created by Nick Park. I first discovered Shaun theContinue reading “Shaun the Sheep and Other Fun Stuff”

Road Trip! and the best Cucumber Sandwich Recipe!

Over the weekend, I made a road trip from Maryland to Tennessee to see my bestfriend for a few days. I’m not a “naturally” independent person, so it’s important for me to set off on my own occasionally. My husband understands this and always supports my little excursions! My goal was to stop as littleContinue reading “Road Trip! and the best Cucumber Sandwich Recipe!”

World on Fire and Island at War

Recently, my husband and I realized that Max Riemelt and Brian J. Smith, as well as, Sean Bean were all in World on Fire. We weren’t particularly keen to start a series that would most likely be very sad but we are fans of all 3 actors so we could not pass up watching it!Continue reading “World on Fire and Island at War”

A Simple, Nutritious, Tasty (& Super Fast to Make) Soup Recipe Inspired watching Chef! with Lenny Henry

When it comes to comfort food, there’s nothing I love more than soup! My love affair with soup started years ago while watching Chef! on Maryland Public Television with Lenny Henry, Roger Griffiths, Claire Skinner and the beautiful Caroline Lee-Johnson. Not to be confused with present day reality or cooking instruction shows, Chef! is anContinue reading “A Simple, Nutritious, Tasty (& Super Fast to Make) Soup Recipe Inspired watching Chef! with Lenny Henry”

In Search of the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg

Hard boiled eggs are one of those things that really need to be cooked just right. Under cooked, they are runny and gooey, over cooked they are chalky with a green tinge to them. Growing up, I was taught to boil the eggs for 7 minutes. As a child, I loved hard boiled eggs cookedContinue reading “In Search of the Perfect Hard Boiled Egg”

An Exciting Potato Day!

Today, I decided it was time to harvest our first ever potatoes! Really, we wanted to let the potato plants grow for a while longer but while I was rearranging all the plants to try to get them into the fall sunshine, I noticed some damage to the potato plants. The damage was pretty badContinue reading “An Exciting Potato Day!”

The Zen of Art Journaling with Tammy Koolbeck

I’m very excited to let you all know that this Thursday, September 24th, I’m starting a new art journaling course taught by my best friend, Tammy Koolbeck. This fun 7 week course called, The Zen of Art Journaling, will be held once per week over Zoom. Over the course of the 7 weeks Tammy will leadContinue reading “The Zen of Art Journaling with Tammy Koolbeck”

A Disturbing Find on Our Tomato Plants

Our tomato plants seemed to be doing so well and then suddenly started looking bad. It’s true that the weather has started to change but there are still a lot of green tomatoes. We are practicing organic gardening, so bugs are to be expected but up until this point, we had not seen any. Suddenly,Continue reading “A Disturbing Find on Our Tomato Plants”

The Journey of One Marigold from Bud to Bloom in Photos

This spring, along with many other seeds, I planted a full packet of Marigold seeds. I was envisioning an explosion of these golden beauties. As time went on, it looked like none of them were going to sprout. Finally, a few sprouted but sadly, no buds appeared. Just when I thought all hope of beautifulContinue reading “The Journey of One Marigold from Bud to Bloom in Photos”

Binge Worthy Tv – Spaced with Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, Nick Frost, Mark Heap and Julia Deakin (possible spoilers)

Binge Worthy Tv – Spaced with Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, Nick Frost, Mark Heap and Julia Deakin. Written by Simon Pegg and Jessica Hynes. I really wish this show had gone on for more seasons! I just want to start by saying, my husband is a huge fan of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost! NowContinue reading “Binge Worthy Tv – Spaced with Simon Pegg, Jessica Hynes, Nick Frost, Mark Heap and Julia Deakin (possible spoilers)”

The Joys (and tears) of Small Space Gardening

I thought planting a garden from seed would be a great way to save money while getting all the plants I wanted. I had dreams of all types of vegetables and flowers in lovely terra cotta pots filling our bleak but sun drenched upper balcony, like a cheerful cottage garden! The experience turned out toContinue reading “The Joys (and tears) of Small Space Gardening”

Self Care is Not Selfish

It is important to remember that self care is not selfish. In order to stay well, we need to take care of ourselves and skin care is an important part of self care. A good daily skin care routine, just like a good daily oral care and hair care routine, is a major part ofContinue reading “Self Care is Not Selfish”

Self care isn’t selfish and Loving My Life

Sadly, many people feel guilt over taking care of themselves but really, if you do not take care of yourself, you will not be able to take care of others. I know this because I used to be one of those people that felt guilty. Part of learning to love and appreciate myself, was learningContinue reading “Self care isn’t selfish and Loving My Life”

Life with Bunnies Series

Life with Bunnies Series – Is a Bunny Right For You? Bunnies are wonderful pets but it is important to keep in mind that they are unlike dogs. Bunnies are aloof and independent. They make great house pets because they can be litter trained, making them similar to cats. If you are thinking of aContinue reading “Life with Bunnies Series”

Delicious Sugar Cookie Recipe

Here’s a tried and true Sugar Cookie recipe! Growing up, over the winter holidays, I used to love to have a cookie baking weekend. My mother would allow me to move my little black and white tv into the kitchen and I would spend the weekend watching Gone with the Wind and Little Woman, cryingContinue reading “Delicious Sugar Cookie Recipe”

Covid Hair, Don’t Care… Well, More Like, Can’t Deal!

For the last 8 to 10 years I could not get my hair long enough, now it seems like I can’t get it short enough! I really did love my waist long hair, it was so beautiful (even if I say so myself. Lol). I got compliments on it any time I went out andContinue reading “Covid Hair, Don’t Care… Well, More Like, Can’t Deal!”

Daily Routines

Today is a cleaning day. I like cleaning, it makes me happy. Today’s goal is to water the garden, change the beds and do as much laundry as possible. I put the first load of laundry in the washer and a pot of soup on the stove for tonights dinner this morning.  I really hope toContinue reading “Daily Routines”

Binge-Worthy TV Shows

It feels like we are constantly running out of good tv shows to watch. I have to avoid scary shows because I am highly susceptible to nightmares. I do love drama and adventure but sometimes, you just need to watch something that is light hearted and happy! Watching Mystery shows is really pushing it forContinue reading “Binge-Worthy TV Shows”


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