Roots Market Clarksville, MD

Today I went to Roots Market, a specialty grocery store in Clarksville, Md.

It’s a nice little specialty grocery store. Compared to most modern day grocery stores, it’s a very small store but they really carry a lot more than you think. That’s not to say that it’s over crowded because it’s very well organized.

I went in today for blueberries, milk and marcona almonds for a recipe that I will be posting. I had trouble finding the almonds and a very nice young man working in the baking section, who was obviously very busy, took the time to walk me to all the locations in the store where the almonds could possibly be. Unfortunately, they did not have the marcona almonds, which surprised me, but the young man really went above and beyond to try to help me.

My favorite thing about Roots is that it has the most beautiful produce department and they carry milk in glass bottles, which is hard to find. Their vitamin and supplements section is extensive. Also, (and this is just an observation because I dont have a gluten allergy or a young child) it seems to me that Roots carries a lot of products for people with gluten and low fod map food needs, as well as, a good selection of organic baby foods and snacks. If you have any of these needs, you may want to check them out.

My best friend has a gluten allergy and Roots on is my list of top 10 places to take her when she comes to visit! I think we’ll really enjoy browsing the store together and coming up with gluten free recipes to make while she is here!

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