I changed this painting so many times that I lost track, but I finally love her! When I started out, I was trying to paint something splotchy and wonderful, like one of my favorite artists does daily. Her name is Kelsey Howard, and you can check out her gorgeous paintings on insta at @kelseyhowardart orContinue reading “Changes”

Today’s sketch

As we inch towards Mer-May and dreams of summer, my mind turns to one of my favorite subjects-Mermaids. If you live anywhere near Berlin, Md, and have not been to the mermaid museum, you really must go! We are planning a trip there in the spring. Today’s sketch Today, I started with a plain, uncoatedContinue reading “Today’s sketch”

Mermaid Gazing Out to Sea and other things

Today, I finished up my gouache flower painting by adding a blue background. I am really so happy with the results and plan to give this to a friend, as a gift. I had a bit of blue paint left over, so I added some sandy-colors and painted a cradled wood panel in a lovelyContinue reading “Mermaid Gazing Out to Sea and other things”

Valentine’s Day Candy Wrappers and Other Thoughts

The past week has been quite hectic! Between appointments and stomach attacks,  I haven’t gotten much that I wanted to accomplished. To top it off, our Saturday plans went awry. When day long plans get canceled, more and more often, I find that I have difficulty deciding what to do instead. So, on Saturday, withContinue reading “Valentine’s Day Candy Wrappers and Other Thoughts”

Windy Weather or A Chilly Spring

This painting started out as one thing and ended up as something completely different! Originally, I was envisioning the background of birds with a very colorful young woman. Not the usual skin tones, but lots of yellows, pinks, and lavenders. The birds are decoupaged on, and once the painting was finished, I had thought thatContinue reading “Windy Weather or A Chilly Spring”

Of Lemons and Oranges, Young Woman with Turquoise Background

For this painting, I started with my pale pink decoupage, sketched out my young woman, and then began adding another decoupaged background. As an artist, inspiration for a project can come from almost anywhere. As soon as I saw this napkin, I knew I had to use it as a background. Being a cocktail napkin,Continue reading “Of Lemons and Oranges, Young Woman with Turquoise Background”

Young Woman in a Lilac Dress

This beautiful young woman was evading me, but she finally emerged from my canvas, and I have to say that she was worth the struggle! Thanks to my husband’s encouragement, I did not give up on her! Before getting to this version of her, I repainted her completely three or four times. This final version,Continue reading “Young Woman in a Lilac Dress”

Young Woman Wearing Pink Jewelry

I am often nervous to paint jewelry. Because of this, I decided to try out some jewelry, as well as a more colorful background. In the end, she reminds me of Disney’s Pocahontas, which was a huge favorite of mine when it came out. I started with a background color of neon pink on aContinue reading “Young Woman Wearing Pink Jewelry”

My favorite Olive Oil

Paesanol Organic Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a Glass bottle. This is a high-quality, good tasting Olive Oil. You can find it at Whole Foods. It is pricey, so you want to only use it on dishes where it matters, i.e. dishes that you can really taste the olive oil, like as a saladContinue reading “My favorite Olive Oil”

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