An Exciting Potato Day!

Today, I decided it was time to harvest our first ever potatoes!

Really, we wanted to let the potato plants grow for a while longer but while I was rearranging all the plants to try to get them into the fall sunshine, I noticed some damage to the potato plants.

Our First Potato!

The damage was pretty bad and I figured it was better to harvest what we had, than to possibly lose all the potatoes if the plants can not longer get nourishment.

There were some baby potatoes on the stem

We had 2 plants that we grew from russet potatoes that had sprouted in our pantry. I planted them in late May or early June and followed the advice friends, gardening shows and internet research to grow them.

Potato harvest

After all the time they have been growing, about 4 months, we were hoping we for a few potatoes… Really, I was hoping for at least 4 potatoes. Enough to make a nice pot of mashed potatoes…

What we got was 2 funny shaped little potatoes! Lol

Our funny little potatoes

They are big enough to eat, so that’s all that matters! There were also a few very tiny potatoes about the size of half a peanut shell, as you could see in the video, but it’s already been about 4 months so I really don’t think they would have grown any bigger, even if we could have left them in the dirt.

Growing potatoes was really a fun experiment! With the other vegetables and flowers we can see, touch and count the literal “fruits of our labors” but with the potatoes, it’s a complete surprise! There is no way of knowing how many potatoes are hiding down in the soil, quietly growing and expanding.

This winter I plan to do more research on potato growing and possibly even buy some seed potatoes and then next year, maybe we’ll get more than 2 funny little potatoes!


We decided to oven bake the potatoes and they were absolutely the best baked potatoes I have ever had!

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