GODIVA Chocolatier Chocolate Stores are Closing

Godiva Chocolatier has been the premier maker of fine Belgian chocolates since 1926 and I am so sad to see that they are closing all of their North American Stores.

I read the news on my Google news feed a couple of days ago and I could not believe it.

I told my husband and the next day, after he was finished with work, we went together to see if it was true.

When we got there, they had just closed their doors for the day (they close very early now because of the pandemic) but there was a BIG red sign hanging on the door saying that they would be permanently closing.

I know it sounds silly, but I felt like crying.

I was SO hoping that the news I read had been incorrect…and I have been having such a difficult month that this felt like a big loss on a personal level.

My sweet husband turned to me immediately and with a look of such compassion in his eyes, gave me a hug.

On the one hand, it feels so frivolous to be upset about a chocolate shop closing but I feel that collectively, we are losing an icon and hundreds of people are losing their jobs!

Godiva Chocolates, displayed neatly and prettily in their shiny glass case make a wonderful gift on any occasion and they taste so fresh, that it is a very different experience from buying a prefilled box.

Godiva Cherry Cordials

Godiva Chocolates will still be available online but it will just not be the same. We will be losing the personal connection and the opportunity for spontaneity, as well as, the fresh taste.

Our local Godiva Store was a confectionery haven and this little jewel will be greatly missed!

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