July 3rd, One Day until the 4th of July

Sunday, July 3rd

This morning Jason suggested that we go today to see the Frederick Keyes vs Trento Thunder baseball game and fireworks. 

They had a big fireworks finale planned as a 4th of July celebration and Jason thought this would be the most enjoyable experience for me because they have actual bathrooms, we would have assigned seats, they have food and then they have professionals to direct traffic afterwards.

I’ve only ever seen 2 baseball games before and I’ve never seen one with Jason, so I was very excited to go to the game.

We headed out to the ball park in Frederick, Md and we had a great time!

It was very exciting!

The Frederick Keyes Stadium Entrance

You were allowed to bring bottled water only, so there was no problem about what water I would drink(I have an allergy to tap water and most bottled waters)

They had lots of fun food to choose from!

The Keyes warming up

I had a lime snow cone and popcorn.

Jason had 2 hotdogs and a beer, because, you know, when in Rome. Lol

Me and my cutie

Actually, I had planned to get chicken tenders and fries (seemed like the least messy of the food choices) but we got in the wrong line by accident.

The Trenton Thunder at bat

By the time we realized our mistake it was too late to stand in another long line without missing way too much of the game.

The Keys at bat

And really, the popcorn filled me up, anyway.

The game was great and the Keyes won!

I was impressed with how child friendly the facility was. There were lots of children there.

Children’s games, carousel and tent

They had a Carousel, children’s games and a tent.

Apparently, the game ended earlier than expected so all the children were invited to run the field and win a prize.

You couldn’t believe how many tiny children with their teeny-tiny legs were out there running full-tilt! I don’t know how their tiny legs could have walked themselves down there and then ran the entire baseball diamond but they did!


Since we had extra time, Jason suggested ice cream, which was a no-brainer, of course!

Being so close to the ball field, the stairs were very steep and we were sitting at the bottom, only a few rows from the field.

With my bad knees I was afraid to climb the stairs and back down again, so, I held the seats, while Jason went for ice cream.


Earlier, we had seen a man with a gigantic waffle cone of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

So, I teasingly told him, “I’m only here for the food, so don’t come back without that mint chocolate chip ice cream!”. Lol

He said he wouldn’t dare and went on expedition but sadly, the mint chocolate chip was gone!

But, we had the best ice cream sandwiches with sprinkles around the edge AND…

we got to eat them as we watched the fireworks!

It really was great fun!


The beautiful fireworks display went on for 20 or 30 minutes.

A very young boy seated behind us, kept saying, “Daddy, they are so loud but I’m not scared”, meaning of course, that was scared but Daddy was oblivious.


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