my favorite time of the day

It’s Thursday, June 30th and it’s my favorite time of the day, coffee time!

I was hoping Jason would join me in the garden like he did on Wednesday but he’s in the mood to bake bread, which is one of his favorite things!

Today, I spent way too much time petting Buttercup and writing but I love to do both of those things, so I’m not actually sorry that I did! Lol

Princess Buttercup

The bad thing about it, was that then I had to rush around like a maniac to finish getting ready for Maria’s visit on Friday.

Maria is our cleaning fairy and we are ever so grateful to have her clean once a month.

It means that I have more time for other things and it means that I don’t have to ask Jason to vaccum the stairs and help me clean our 3 bathrooms.

Maria has a helper of her own, so I also do not have to feel guilty that one person is trying to clean 3 bathrooms and the rest of the house!

So, I finished everything that I can do today, to get ready for tomorrow.

Some beautiful bouquets

I also, prepped chicken to make for dinner.

Really, I should have dinner ready or at least almost ready by now but when I went into the kitchen, Jason had bread baking stuff everywhere and I really wanted my coffee in the garden anyway.

So, I kicked him out of the kitchen just long enough to prep the chicken, turned the oven on to pre-heat and left him to his baking!

Friday, while Maria is here, I will go to the nursing home to see my friend that is passing away.

Just knowing how much she is suffering makes me extremely nauseous but Jason will make us soup for dinner to sooth my stomach.

What we’re watching

Last night we finished watching Obi-Wan Kenobi. We both really liked it. They used as many of the same actors from the previous movies as they could, which I applaud them for and the little 10 year old girl that they chose to play the young Princess Leia was adorable and a great little actress!

Obi-Wan Kenobi

I also thought that she looked very similar to Carrie Fisher, though, I can’t say that young Luke looked anything like Mark Hamil.

I was surprised by how much Hayden Christensen has aged.

Numerically, Ewan McGregor is older than him by about 10 years, I think and I think in the story world, that is still true but Hayden Christensen looks much older than Ewan McGregor.

Of course, it could have been make up but I don’t know why they would have “aged him up” to look older than a man that is supposed to much older than him in the story.

Anyway, I know we are all aging everyday and I’m not trying to make a big deal of it, I was just surprised that he looked so much older.

What to watch next?

It’s always so difficult to decide!

A happy surprise

Jason surprised me and met me in the garden with what he baked.

It was a yummy, flakey, Indian flat bread!

I should have taken photos but we were too busy eating it to remember photos! LOL

Well, I better go get that chicken cooked! It’s not going to barbecue itself!😁

Have a great day!

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