Valentine’s Day Candy Wrappers and Other Thoughts

The past week has been quite hectic! Between appointments and stomach attacks,  I haven’t gotten much that I wanted to accomplished.

To top it off, our Saturday plans went awry.

When day long plans get canceled, more and more often, I find that I have difficulty deciding what to do instead.

So, on Saturday, with our plans in tatters, I ended up just sitting and thinking, “What do I do now?”

Not wanting to watch a movie, for fear of falling asleep, I finally landed on the idea of starting on a decoupage project made from Valentine’s Day candy wrappers.

Yes, that’s right, candy wrappers!

The back story

One of the sweet treats Jason got me for Valentine’s Day was a box of chocolates from Trader Joe’s called a Chocolate Palette.

The box and candy tray inside the box were designed to look like a palette of watercolor paints or chalk pastels.

It was so appealing and definitely my favorite of the chocolate gifts that Jason got me this Valentine’s Day.

Of course, he knows me well and knew I would have difficulty destroying the pretty set by eating the candies…or even opening the box (He gave me a similar set of foil wrapped Easter eggs 3 or 4 years ago that I just could not bring myself to open🤔) so he was sure to tell me that he would like me to eat the candies, not just look at them! Lol

And it was just then that I had the idea of creating a collage from the wrappers!

Making the collage

I started with a wood painting panel and some of the candy wrappers.

I carefully cut any words off of the wrappers and, at the same time, cut them into retangles and strips.

I organized the cut wrappers into the candy tray by color and shape.

Next, I started placing the papers on the board, one section at a time, to see what configuration I preferred.

After arranging each section to my liking, I glued them down using Golden Matte Medium.

The paper was coated, so it needed a little more work than usual to get it smoothed down nicely.

Normally, the matte medium goes on the bottom and top of every piece of paper.

But, with this project, I put the matte medium on the bottom and waited until the project was complete before coating the entire top of the collage with matte medium.

Here’s the finished project, and it came out great!

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