Road Trip! and the best Cucumber Sandwich Recipe!

Over the weekend, I made a road trip from Maryland to Tennessee to see my bestfriend for a few days.

I’m not a “naturally” independent person, so it’s important for me to set off on my own occasionally. My husband understands this and always supports my little excursions!

My goal was to stop as little as possible, basically, only to fill the gas tank and take bathroom breaks.

I found that I felt safest using the bathrooms at Cracker Barrel Restaurants, and an added bonus is that their bathrooms are always clean. Also, since their parking lots and interiors are very similar from one restaurant to another, there is no anxiety over where to park or find the restroom.

On the way to Tennessee, I didn’t want to stay in one place long enough to sit down and eat a meal. However, on my way back home to Maryland, I planned to stop for just one meal. The weather was heavenly and the restaurant was pretty full, so I sat at an outdoor table on the porch for dinner.

Dinner at Cracker Barrel on my return trip. I actually just wanted eggs, bacon, biscuits and apple butter but the young man that waited on me said the least expensive way to get me what I wanted was to order all of this. All of this food was only about $10! I didn’t eat all of it but I did at least try everything!

For the trip to Tennessee, I simply planned to stop at gas stations that were close to a Cracker Barrel and then go to Cracker Barrel to use the restroom (wash my hands!), browse around the gift shop for a few minutes to stretch my legs, and purchase a small snack, like Peanut M&Ms.

Because I planned not to stop for meals, my husband made up my favorite Cucumber Sandwiches for me the night before. All I had to do was grab the sandwiches from the refrigerator in the morning, on my way out.

Cucumber Sandwiches

They were such a wonderful treat and he even surprised me with a couple of bread & butter pickle sandwiches, as well.

All the components for a yummy Bread and Butter Pickle Sandwich 😊

I know bread & butter pickle sandwiches probably sound very strange! Recently, my husband and I were on a bread & butter pickle kick and he happened upon a story about the history of bread & butter pickles. The story he came across said that bread & butter pickles originated during the depression as an inexpensive sandwich filling. Of course, we had to try out the sandwiches and they were very tasty!

They will never replace my favorite Cucumber Sandwiches but they are very good!

Our Lemony Cucumber Sandwich Recipe is a culmination of research combined with trial and error. We ate A LOT of Cucumber Sandwiches in the process of creating this recipe! Lol

We came up with it a couple years ago in preparation for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Galentine’s Party I had for 20 of my friends. We enjoyed Afternoon Tea while Breakfast at Tiffany’s played in the background

Here is our recipe for Lemony Cucumber Sandwiches:

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