Thanksgiving 2021

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to be thankful and be with family… but for many, between hectic lives and families being spread out over multiple states, that isn’t always possible. For me, add to that, that Thanksgiving is just a few days after the anniversary of my father’s death, and Thanksgiving (and Christmas)Continue reading “Thanksgiving 2021”

The Almost Vegetarian: Why I Found it Necessary to Start Eating Chicken Again

Some of you may know that 10 or so years ago, as per doctor’s orders, for my health, I became a vegetarian . Though it started out purely for my health, after a while, it became more about how our live stock is treated and slaughtered and just generally that I’m very high empathy andContinue reading “The Almost Vegetarian: Why I Found it Necessary to Start Eating Chicken Again”

Dealing with Problems

Dealing with health problems and other problems can feel overwhelming, scary, confusing and all kinds of other things. Most of the time, there is a light at the end of the tunnel and if you can, it’s best to focus on that. And also, being pro-active can be helpful, because you are doing “something” toContinue reading “Dealing with Problems”

Life with Bunnies Series

Life with Bunnies Series – Is a Bunny Right For You? Bunnies are wonderful pets but it is important to keep in mind that they are unlike dogs. Bunnies are aloof and independent. They make great house pets because they can be litter trained, making them similar to cats. If you are thinking of aContinue reading “Life with Bunnies Series”

Covid Hair, Don’t Care… Well, More Like, Can’t Deal!

For the last 8 to 10 years I could not get my hair long enough, now it seems like I can’t get it short enough! I really did love my waist long hair, it was so beautiful (even if I say so myself. Lol). I got compliments on it any time I went out andContinue reading “Covid Hair, Don’t Care… Well, More Like, Can’t Deal!”

My Grandpa and My First Bunny…and the lessons Learned

I have had a bunny for most of my life. My first bunny was a gift from my grandfather. My grandfather was a large, handsome man. He carried himself like John Wayne and I have never had another male role model that could compare. His name was Ed Schroeder but his friends called him Eddie.Continue reading “My Grandpa and My First Bunny…and the lessons Learned”

Mani Pedis and Birthday Cakes

Today was my day to get a mani pedi done by Ms. Jenny of Venus Salon in Forest Hill, Md. I keep a list of my favorite nail polishes, including the brand name, color name or number and usually a photo of the color to make it easier to find my favorite colors. Today IContinue reading “Mani Pedis and Birthday Cakes”

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want to…

We all grow older every year, that’s just a fact of life. Yet, some how every year, I am happy and proud that my son is turning a year older but ever since my mid 20s I have had a tendency to get depressed about my own birthday. The funny thing is, I didn’t evenContinue reading “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want to…”

About Me

I’m Sharie. Owner of Butterfly Bunny Studio and The Urban Duck. Mixed Media Watercolor Artist, Bunny & Disney Lover, Avid Gardener, Proud Mother to Josh, Bunny Momma to Princess Buttercup Bunny and Wifey to Jason. I am located in Columbia, Md but I’m a Harford County girl at heart! You can find me on EtsyContinue reading “About Me”

Rainy days and blogs

Just now the rain is pouring down, evening has come and I am scratching the Bunny’s ears. It’s very peaceful… Today, I’ve been trying (once again) to set up a blogging account. I’ve been wanting to write a blog for quite some time now, years actually… but I’m just not computer savvy. So, every timeContinue reading “Rainy days and blogs”

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