It’s a Beautiful Snowy Day

Today, we had the first snow of the year here in Columbia, Maryland.

Snowy neighborhood street
Snow covered flower pots

The snow is falling and my friend’s daughters are out in front of my house squealing and building snowmen. Even the neighborhood cat is enjoying the snow, wiggling her tail and pouncing at it! Her hooman tried to catch her but she was much too fast and he finally gave up. Like a child, she’ll go home once she gets hungry or cold. Lol

If not for the cars, this scene would look just like a post card

I’ve never been a huge fan of snow… Well, actually, I’ve never been a huge fan of going out in the snow. I much prefer to watch the snow fall, than go out in it.

My favorite photo

Even as a child, my favorite thing to do in the snow was to sit on the sofa with my mother, drink hot cocoa (with little marshmallows, ofcourse!)and watch my brother play in the snow. Lol

Today, I’m enjoying watching the snow fall while the children and cat play in the snow. I’m wondering if there is Hot Cocoa waiting on the stove for them when they go in…

It does make me miss the long gone snow days spent watching my son play in the snow. I always had a large pot of hot cocoa on the stove warming so he could run in to warm up and then go back to snowman building, snow fort building or snow tunneling!

A favorite of my son’s was Hot Cocoa and Pepperidge Farms Ginger Man Cookies. I used to make a lot of cookies but I never tried making Gingerbread.
My Christmas Wish is always that my son can make it home for Christmas

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