My Christmas Wish for You

I woke up this morning feeling stupid-excited that it is Christmas Eve… despite the fact that we are going nowhere, seeing no one, eating nothing special and have no gifts!

Infact, I believe I woke today with a true sense of “child-like” joy.

Look Mom! It’s Santa and his Reindeer! The BEST Rudolph song ever! Bing Crosby and Ella Fitzgerald

There wasn’t much joy in my actual childhood and I’ve been searching for “child-like joy” for years and I believe I felt it today for the very first time!

Frosty the Snowman

I opened my eyes looking for snow and jumped out of bed to check. I was bubbling with excitement!! and then I asked myself why?

WHY am I so excited? We have no tree, no Christmas decorations, we are going nowhere, seeing no one, eating nothing special and have no gifts.

Present without a Bow, Kasey Musgraves

We are in the midst of a terrible pandemic, my son is away for work, my family is in another state, we can not go to the movies (something I’ve done every Christmas day since I was 15).
If I tried, I could go on and on… and yet… I woke bubbling with joy and looking for snow.

I believe the answer is, that there is always HOPE!

And just as, if I tried, I could go on and on finding reasons to panic and be unhappy, it is also true that, if I try, I can go on and on finding things to be happy about!

IF you let yourself believe it, there is always HOPE… hope for better times, hope for love, hope for peace, hope for health…

I know that this year, perhaps more than other years, there are those with true sorrows and I am not dismissing them!

I just want to say that this year, more than ever, it may be very important to ask ourselves what we have to be thankful for or happy about.

What do you have to be thankful for? Health or Healing? Love? Family? Friends?

For me, at the top of my thankful list is: my family is healthy and loves me; my son is safe and healthy; I have good, true friends that love me; I have a warm house to live in(while I have always had a house to live in, I have not always had heat); I have an amazingly wonderful husband (something that a very short few years ago, I thought to be an impossibility); plenty of food; this blog at that I have been wanting to write for years; lots of paint for my artistic endeavors…

If I try, I can go on and on. I hope you can too!

Merry Christmas and Happy Whatever Holiday you celebrate!

At the Christmas Party
Taylor Swift, Christmas Must be Something More
Dancing in the Rain

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