This Tuesday’s Daily Goal

Tuesday, June 14th

On Sunday, when I planned out my week,  today’s forecast was rain all day. So, I set today’s big goal to be cleaning the house.

As it turns out, today has been a gorgeous, cool day (low 80s, instead of the high 80s of yesterday) and since I love to spend as many days of summer outside as possible, it was very disappointing to wake up and find that it was such a nice day and I would not be able to be out in it!

So, I muddled along trying to keep my mind on house cleaning. Then I compromised by going out on the main floor balcony (we have 2 balconies) and cleaned up out there.

After a little more cleaning inside, I said, “Forget it! I’m going out to the garden for a hour or 2 before I need to cook dinner!”

And, here I am! Sitting on my chaise, typing away with my glass of ice water on one-side of me and my travel Art supplies on the other!

Salted Caramel Macchiato

I’m hoping my husband will make me a salted caramel macchiato, as he usually does every late afternoon or early evening but he was sounding very stressed before I came outside, so coffee might not happen today.

Yes… I could make it myself but his tea latte and cappuccino/macchiato/latte is SO much better than mine that it’s a waste of tea/coffee, yummy brown sugar cubes and milk to make my own… So, I’ll wait and see if coffee magically appears or not!

Oh, YAYYY! Here it is! Heavenly salted caramel macchiato!

Sketching in the garden.

Today, I made 2 sketches in the time I had to spend outside.

A little girl, all dressed up…

Sunday best

and a neighbor’s sweet kitty came for a visit, so I decided to sketch her.


I was planning to cook dinner but my husband suggested ordering carry out, so carry out it is!

As I type this, he’s mixing us up a batch of yummy Margaritas to go with the dinners we order!

And now…

it’s finally time to hang out with my husband, eat dinner and watch some tv!

Currently, we are watching The Brokenwood Mysteries, which is a New Zealand made crime series but more about that another day!

I hope you have a great evening!

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