Today’s Main Goal

Today’s main goal is to fold and put away sheets and coverlets

…or atleast fold them.

It’s another beautiful day and it’s very difficult for me to be inside on a nice day. My heart is just constantly pulling me towards the outdoors and my gardens.

So lovely and green. The air is full of the constant chirping and chattering of birds and squirrels

Maybe it’s because I wasn’t really allowed to go outside when I was growing up, or maybe I just truly love to be outdoors

…or maybe it’s a little of both. I don’t know which it is. All I know is, I NEED to be outside!

But first, I have to get these sheets and things folded!

Many people have difficulty folding fitted sheets because they just don’t know how or where to begin. I have been folding fitted sheets since I was quite young and if you know how to do it, you are halfway there!

Sheets and coverlet, neatly folded!

Tomorrow, I’ll walk you through how to fold a fitted sheet.

My secondary goal is to continue the clean up in my back garden.

I didn’t do a lot of work in the garden today. It’s just so hot here. Sitting still, it’s very comfortable but working in the garden is extremely hot work!

So, I finished up the garden leaf clean up, moved some more rocks around and quit for the day.

Adjust your self expectations if you need to

I wish I could get up very early and do this hot work before the heat of the day sets in but because of my sleep disorder, it’s just not possible.

The only way to survive a sleep disorder or really, any kind of disability, is to greatly adjust the expectations that you have for yourself. It’s not easy but it is necessary.

Ask for help if you need it

I really need my husband’s help to level the ground and move most of the rocks around. Once we do that together, I’ll put the patio pavers down myself.

If you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been working on this project for a very long time. I started down here with one idea and that idea has just grown and evolved according to what I need my outdoor space to do and according to the amount of money I can spend on the project. Once I spend a certain amount of money, my husband will say, “OK, time to stop for this year”

Originally, we had a joke that he had me on “the five year plan” but it’s looking more and more like it might actually take 5 years. Sigh

But, lord oh lord, I hope not!

Still, better late than never has always been my motto! Lol

Coffee Time!

Have a great day!

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