How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Many people have difficulty folding fitted sheets because they just don’t know how to begin.

I have been folding fitted sheets since I was quite young and if you know how to do it, you are halfway there!

With a little practice, you’ll be folding your fitted sheets like a pro!

The true first step to nicely folded fitted sheets is enough space to work! It’s a good idea to fold your sheets on a bed or atleast, a sofa.

Also, keep that in mind that, the softer the sheets, the nicer they are to sleep on but the more difficult they are to fold!

Begin with a clear space to work and your fitted sheet. I like to fold my sheets right-side-out, so…

Step 1) Make sure your fitted sheet is arranged with the tags to the inside and with your sheet laying long-ways, bring your corner seams together.

Corner seams together

1b) Now put all 4 corner seams together, lining up the stitch lines and squaring off the sheet as neatly as you can

Close up: 4 seams lined up
4 seams lined up neatly
Square it up…
This is important because the neater this step is, the neater your end result will be

Step 2) Fold up the bottom 1/3 of your sheet

Step 2

Step 3) Fold that half up

Step 3

3a) and flip over so folds are facing up

Step 3a

Step 4) Fold into 3rds with the bulkiest side in (In other words, the 4 corners side goes to the inside of your 3rds)

Step 4

And there, you have it! A neatly folded fitted sheet!

Done! A neatly folded fitted sheet!

The only thing that could make it look prettier, is ironing it but I don’t have time for that!… Although, yes, I was taught to iron the sheets and pillow cases! Wrinkles were not an option when i was growing up!! Lol

Now, I’ll fold the flat sheet to the same size.

Sheets and coverlet, neatly folded!

If you found How to Fold a Fitted Sheet helpful and/or if you would like instructions on folding a flat sheet, please leave a comment.

Have a great day!

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