Maryland Ice Cream Trail, week 2

This week, we were too tired on Saturday to follow any of the Maryland Ice Cream Trail but Sunday, Jason had a little cabin fever and wanted to get out of the house.

The Ice Cream Trail spans much of Maryland, so I asked Jason to pick where we would go, while I got ready.

Last year on my birthday, Jason took me to a Mermaid Museum located in Berlin, Md and we’ve been meaning to go back and check out more of this picturesque little town, ever since.

Well, it just happens that one of the ice cream shops on the trail is just a street or two down from the Mermaid Museum, so we headed there.

Despite being just about 1 hour from the beach, the little town of Berlin is more what I would describe as a picturesque little country town, as opposed to a bustling beach town.

Needless to say, with it being Sunday, most stores (and surprisingly) restaurants were closed.

Still, we had fun eating ice cream and window shopping!

The name of the ice cream shop is Island Creamery.

Me and J

From the street, it looked like the cutest, tiniest little pink ice cream shop I’d ever seen but the building was actually very narrow and long, so it was much bigger than it looks from the street out front.

(Not my photo)

They had many flavors.

Ice cream flavors at Island View Creamery

They had both of my favorites, coconut and mint chocolate chip. They also had cotton candy flavor, which really intrigued me. They let me have a taste but I was afraid that it was too sweet to eat an entire scoop of.

In the end, I got a single scoop of Coconut ice cream on a sugar cone with chocolate chip topping and Jason got a single scoop of Rum Raisin ice cream on a sugar cone.

Coconut ice cream on a sugar cone with chocolate chip topping and Jason got a single scoop of Rum Raisin ice cream on a sugar cone

They served the cones in a paper boat dish with a spoon, which is actually my preferred way to eat a cone (less ice cream dips to contend with. lol).

The ice cream. So many to choose from!

The ice cream shop has a lovely alley-way seating area with old fashioned street lamp styled lights, park benches, pretty umbrellas and over head string lights.

The alley-way seating area

They also had a few planters of what I believe are Hibiscus plants.

A beautiful flower

After having ice cream, we did some window shopping.

This cute sidewalk art is on the other side o

While we were driving down the street, I spotted some beautiful Mermaid statues in a shop window!

I would absolutely love to have one for the kitchen bay window and one for my back garden!

There was even a tiny garden center!

We also spotted this old fashioned ice cream soda fountain restaurant!

old fashioned ice cream soda fountain restaurant

Next, as a surprise, Jason took me to the Blu seafood restaurant for crabs!

Their crabs are really delicious!

I had a half dozen steamed crabs and Jason had Shrimp and grits. We also got French fries and they were Amazing!

The crabs are so delicious here! They taste as if they were just caught!

Maryland steamed crabs
Shrimp and grits

We had the sweetest waitress. Her name was Jaya. She’s a college student working two jobs.

At Blu Seafood Restaurant
Jason and I

Jaya was the perfect waitress! She was kind, sweet, attentive and I enjoyed talking to her.

Beautiful palm trees!

To round off the day, Jason took me to Fractured Prune Donuts on 14th Street in Ocean City, Maryland!

We were actually pretty stuffed after that delicious dinner but we only get to the Fractured Prune once or twice a year, so we could not pass up the opportunity!

At Fractured Prune, you pick your donut glaze flavors and they cook, glaze and top your donuts as you wait!

Fractured Prune

Despite being stuffed we were still so excited about these donuts that we forgot to photograph them until they were almost gone!

J and I beach side!

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