A Restful Saturday

Saturday, we were too tired after a long week to attempt any of the Md Ice Cream Trail .

Instead, we stayed home.

Home is where the heart is

Jason played on his computer and I wrote.

Later in the day we ended up googling and daydreaming about possible vacation spots.

We probably won’t actually be able to go anywhere this summer but it’s nice to dream!

One of the vacation possibilities that we daydreamed about was, as usual, Disney.

A little backstory

I’ve always loved songs that told a story.

As a little girl, I used to play in my bedroom and listen to the radio as I played (this was when i was around 8 years old – after our mother had stopped doing daycare and before she married our step father).

When songs like, If You Could Read My Mind  by Gordon Lightfoot and Operator by Jim Croce came on, I used to stop playing and just sit and cry for the people in these stories.

I guess you could say I was a sensitive child. lol

As a teenager…

As a teenager, I was more into the music of my parents and sister’s generation than my own and one of the bands I loved was Air Supply.

Air Supply will be in concert at Epcot on my birthday, which would make it a perfect birthday gift but my husband isn’t too keen on either Air Supply OR the Florida heat at the end of August. Lol

Songs of my past

Cassette tapes😁

But, this conversation lead to googling Air Supply and listening to a few of my old favorite songs… 

All Out of Love
Lost in Love
Making Love Out of Nothing at All

Which lead to Gordon Lightfoot…
If You Could Read My Mind
Early Morning Rain
Ribbon Of Darkness
Race Among the Ruins

Which lead to Jim Croce…
Time in a Bottle
Bad, Bad Leroy Brown
You Don’t Mess Around With Jim

As you can see, there was a pattern emerging, which I had never realized before. Lol

Most were about either lost love or unrequited love, which lead Jason to ask if I had listened to ANY happy music…

To which I replied, Los Lonely Boys!
Although, in truth, I had discovered them on Maryland Public TV in my early to mid 20s, I felt like they still counted!

Los Lonely Boys

I had been intrigued by their story. I loved the songs of theirs that I heard and my heart had gone out to these sweet boys whose parents could only afford to buy them 1 pair of shoes each and so they had to wear their church shoes to school and were picked on for it. (If I remember the story correctly)

I could relate because I started life in a very poor family myself.

In fact, the house I remember most, had a crab pot for a toliet and even though we were no longer poor once our mother married our step father, he was abusive and we were severely shy and picked on and discriminated against by other students, as well as, many teachers.

But I’m getting off course…

Jason looked up the Los Lonely Boys and the first song to come up had actually been my very favorite, Heaven.

Jason agreed with me that he liked their sound so we listened to various songs of theirs for a while.

Eventually, we went back to other things and then Jason made dinner. (Yummy crab cakes!)

That was Saturday and I still have If You Could Read My Mind, All Out of Love, Time in a Bottle and Heaven, rotating through my head!

It’s a good thing that I love those songs so much! Lol

I hope you had a wonderful Saturday!

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