A Quiet Sunday

Sunday, July 10th

Yesterday, we had the best evening with our friends, Erum and Peter.

Today, we are having a quiet day at home.

Because of my sleep disorder, despite being tired last night and wanting to go to sleep at 12:30/1:00 am, I didn’t actually sleep until after 6am.

And today, I’m really very tired.

As I wright this and struggle to stay awake, I’m debating rather to take a nap or not. Lol

My doctors agree that due to my sleep disorder, if I want to take a nap I should.

However, I’m trying to avoid it today because it is nearly 4pm now.

That’s means, if I took a nap now, I would probably be waking up right around 6pm and I just don’t like to take a nap that late in the day.

What’s for dinner?

I was thinking of making Chicken Cacciatore for dinner tonight but I think I’ll save that for a week night.

For a weekend, something less formal sounding, like chicken bacon cheeseburgers just seems better!

I shared my chicken bacon cheeseburger recipe with you here: https://butterflybunnystudio.com/2022/07/06/the-4th-of-july-is-here/ and here: https://butterflybunnystudio.com/2022/07/01/4th-of-july-recipes-along-with-some-magical-and-not-so-magical-memories/

What we are watching

I was very excited for The Umbrella Academy to finally be back out and we binge-watched it in about 2 to 2 1/2 nights!

The Umbrella Academy

We prefer to watch series straight through because it allows you to stay immersed in that particular universe or time line.

I’ll talk more about The Umbrella Academy in a separate post.

Since we finished this season so quickly, we then went on to the latest season of Endeavor.


Endeavor Morse and Fred Thursday

Endeavor is another series that we can not get enough of.

If you are not familiar with Endeavor, you can find it on Brit Box through Amazon or on Master Piece Theater, which you will probably find on your local public television station.

Shaun Evans as Detective Sergeant Endeavor Morse and Roger Allam as Detective Chief Inspector Fred Thursday

Endeavor is the prequel to the old Inspector Morse television series, staring John Thaw.

I know Endeavor seems like a strange name for a television show and that’s because Endeavor is the first name of the lead character and Morse is his last name.

Endeavor is currently in the 8th season and 1 more season is expected before the series has reached the point where Inspector Morse picks up the story.

The original Inspector Morse, staring John Thaw, ran for 8 seasons and is based on novels by the best selling British author, Colin Dexter. There are thirteen novels in the Inspector Morse detective series and it was published between 1975-1999.

John Thaw as Inspector Morse along with his Detective Sergeant Robbie Lewis, played by Kevin Whately

The series, Endeavor (and Inspector Lewis) though not from novels, were inspired by the original novels and Colin Dexter, the author of the original series, was heavily involved with both series through creator/writer Russell Lewis.

The story

Endeavour follows the relationships between young DC Endeavour Morse, his senior partner, DI Fred Thursday and young PC Strange.

Shaun Evans plays Endeavour, Roger Allam plays Thursday and Sean Rigby plays the role of young PC Strange.

(Side note: check out Roger Allam in Murder in Provence!)

All of these characters are from the original Inspector Morse series, allowing you to see first hand the events that formed their later selves.

For me, I have seen some of the original Inspector Morse series but for the most part it was too dark for me.

The stories just seem darker, the filming is darker and the older Morse is really not a nice person.

It makes me sad to think of the young man Morse becoming the grouchy mean, older Morse but you can see how it happens.

Young Morse, despite being expert at job, is repeatedly held back and under-appreciated by his peers and senior officers (not Thursday) because they just can’t understand him and I suspect are even jealous of his abilities and the college he went to.

Chief Superintendent Bright often holds Morse back from promotion, handing the promotions that Morse deserves to younger, less experienced officers. Though, later in the series, Bright does seem to start to appreciate Morse more.

If you enjoy Endeavor, you may also want to give Inspector Morse a try so you can see what became of young Endeavor Morse.

Either way, I highly recommend that you see Lewis!

Inspector Lewis and Hathaway
Kevin Whately as Inspector Robbie Lewis and Laurence Fox
as Detective Sergeant James Hathaway

If you watch the Inspector Morse series before watching Lewis, you understand more about Robbie Lewis’ character but it is not a prerequisite!

Inspector Lewis is a farther continuation of the story which begins after the older Morse passes away.

Inspector Lewis runs for 9 seasons.

So, between the 3 series, you have lots to watch!

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