A Dastardly Bee

Sunday, July 24th

Today was going so well and I was accomplishing so much and then I was stung on my foot!

Well, we think I was stung. I never actually saw the culprit but Jason thought it looked like a bee sting.

Even now, some 8 hours later, it hurts so bad!

I usually have a “no housework on the weekends rule” because, that’s what week days are for!

However, my son, Josh, is getting into town tomorrow and I really wanted the house to be clean when he gets here.

But, I have a very busy week of appointments ahead so I thought it was better to conquer the housework today.

And it was going so well,

until I was stung by a bee – or biten by something. 

I started by cleaning the upper balcony and rearranging our balcony flower pots.

After rearranging and watering the plants, I cleaned all 3 bathrooms and lord, oh lord, that is a SERIOUS accomplishment.

Then I started cleaning the main floor balcony.

The plan

My plan was to clean the main floor balcony, then vacuum upstairs and downstairs and then prep chicken for Jason to grill.

But instead, while sweeping the balcony something snuck up behind me and stung me!

If it was a bee, it was a very dishonorable bee!

Instead of facing me head-on and letting me know he was upset by my sweeping, he snuck in behind me and stung the back of my heel!

Which I feel is the equivalent of stabbing someone in the back!

But seriously, it really is very painful. I hope it feels better tomorrow.

Treatment for bee stings

Jason was very quick to get me ice to apply. He said it definitely looked like a bee sting.

Thankfully, there was no stinger.

It did swell around to sting site, in a doughnut shape and most of my heel became very red.

After the pain eased some, Jason made me this extra yummy coffee

I’ve tried ice, cortisone cream, more ice, neosporin, pain reliever and more ice but nothing is soothing for more than a few moments.

I looked up bee stings on Google and it does look like a typical bee sting.

Shortly afterwards my entire foot itched very badly but now, only the sting site itches and hurts.

If you have any ideas, please leave your advice in the comments.

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