Monday Meal Prep, Dinner Plans and Cooking Shows

Monday, July 25

The bee sting I got yesterday feels much better today.

It still itches like crazy and occasionally, I get a shooting pain but I’m so glad that the constant pain of yesterday is gone!

Monday Meal Prep

Yesterday, while Jason did the grocery shopping and before I was stung, I made the brine for the chicken.

But after being stung, Jason wanted me to take it easy and keep ice on my foot. Which meant, I was out of commission for the rest of the day.

So, I didn’t actually get the chicken rinsed and into the brine.

I did that today and Jason is grilling it now.

Dinner plans

I had planned grilled chicken and watermelon salad for dinner but Jason said he wanted to make pizza with some dough he made over the weekend.

So, he’s grilling the chicken and making pizza.

Jason loves cooking shows

and recently he’s been into a video cooking blog called Vincenzo’s Plate.

Vincenzo is an Italian man, living in Australia and he teaches you about the basics of Italian cooking and traditional techniques that he learned from his Grandmother.

Vincenzo’s Plate

Vincenzo and his Nonna

Jason was watching Vincenzo’s Plate over the weekend while I painted.

Since our desks are next to eachother, I could hear and see the show, though I really only caught bits of it because I was concentrating on my painting.

Jason watched a few episodes and in one episode, Vincenzo video called his grandmother, whom he calls Nonna and we actually got to see Nonna, which I thought was very cool!

Both of my grandmas died years and years ago, so I loved “meeting” his grandma! Doesn’t she look sweet! I just want to hug her!!

In one of the videos Jason watched,  Vincenzo taught how to make to make his Nonna’s pasta sauce, after which Jason made the sauce and it was very delicious!

In another video, Vincenzo visits a friend (atleast, I think he was a friend. Like I said, I wasn’t paying close attention) that specializes in neapolitan pizza.

After watching that, Jason made the pizza dough recipe that they taught and today, he made the sauce and the pizzas.

It was very delicious!

Generally speaking, I do not like to watch cooking shows because,

I feel like cooking shows just make me hungry for foods that I have no access to!

And I just don’t enjoy watching people make and eat food that I have no access to.

Plus, as one of the unlucky few who constantly needs to watch what I eat, I don’t want to be made hungry for foods that are probably out of my calorie range.

After all, it doesn’t matter rather you call it “dieting” or “lifestyle”, counting calories is counting calories!

I do have to admit, though, that there are a few cooking shows that I really do enjoy. Although, I never would have discovered them if not for Jason.

Samin Nosrat’s, Salt Fat Acid Heat

A cooking series that I feel like I learned a lot from is Samin Nosrat’s, Salt Fat Acid Heat.

Samin is always laughing

Jason’s sons told him about the series and we started watching it.

I really like Samin! She’s sweet, kind, cheerful, always laughing and VERY knowledgeable.

I bought Jason her cookbook for one of his birthdays and I definitely recommend the show and the cookbook!

Nadiya Hussain’s, Nadiya Bakes and Nadiya’s Time to Eat

Another cooking show I love is, Nadiya Hussain’s, Nadiya Bakes and Nadiya’s Time to Eat.

Nadiya won the 2015 `Great British Bake Off’ show and she is just bubbly and happy. I love her kitchen with brightly colored appliances and dishes.

We even get to meet her family.

The book pictured above is on my wish list!

The Chef Show

The other cooking show that I enjoy watching is The Chef Show with Jon Favreau and Roy Choi.

Jon Favreau and Roy Choi

They met on the set of the movie Chef, became friends and decided to make The Chef Show.

They “embrace their passion for food, but they also showcase their love of bringing people together for a delicious meal.”

The guys are hilarious, it’s obvious that they are friends and they cook lots of delicious food, while Roy discusses different techniques and Jon talks about movies he’s been in.

It’s just a fun show!

If you have a chance to watch any of these or you have some favorite cooking shows of your own, please let me know in the comments!

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