Costumes for Mickey’s Not So Scarey Halloween Party

My husband and I are going as Sorcerer Mickey and one of the enchanted brooms.

Sorcerer Mickey with the Broomstick and 2 wash buckets

I will be Mickey and my husband will be the broom AND it was my husband’s idea!!

We are having so much fun planning and putting together our costumes!

I’ll give you links to as much as I can!

Socerer Mickey

For Sorcerer Mickey, I found a red dress in sorta a medieval style with flared sleeves.

Red dress with flared sleeves, bright blue cami, bright blue bike shorts, gold braid for belt, Mickey ears, hand-made earrings.

For Mickey’s tunic, I will wear bright blue bike/yoga shorts and a bright blue cami.

The cami is actually the same shade of blue as the pants. I’ve had it for a little over 1 year and it is no longer available online
BALEAF Women’s 8″/ 7″/ 5″ High Waist Biker Shorts

I got an adorable necklace with a little cat hanging from a broom.

Studio Ghibli Kiki’s Delivery Service Jiji Hanging Necklace

Hand-made Socerer’s hat earrings.

Socerer’s hat Mickey ears.

Loungefly Disney Fantasia Sorcerer Mickey Mouse Ears Headband

And gold tie-back rope to make the belt.

I’ll probably just wear white beach Prismo for my shoes but I may wear sandles.

Vionic Beach Pismo Casual

The outfit is REALLY cute!

Also, I’m having my hair braided by the morning of the Halloween party.

I originally asked my friend, Nil, to braid my hair into a crown braid. She’s amazing with hair and makeup but she wasn’t available that day, so she recommended a friend of hers named, Chrissy.

I have A LOT long, fine, blonde hair and it usually freaks out braiders that have never done my hair before but Nil is confident in Chrissy’s ability, so I am too!

I spoke to Chrissy on the phone and I’m really looking forward to meeting her!

The broom

For the broom stick, we searched everywhere for cool pants and a cool shirt in exactly the same color.

We even went to (sigh) the Mall!

On our way out of the mall, exhausted, feet and knees hurting, I spotted a Banana Republic across the mall.

I said, “Well, I guess THEY won’t have anything.” To which, Jason replied, “sigh. Let’s look.”

We bravely crossed the mall, stepped inside (I’ve always loved this store but the things I really want are always way too expensive to buy), and (angels sing) there’s a soft, inviting  leather bench!

Which I promptly, plop down on and say, “You’re up!” LOL

Jason trudges around looking for pants, while I recuperate and take in the lovely clothes!

Jason comes back with a wonder mustard-y colored pair of pants and says he really thinks they would work well but he can’t find a matching shirt.

Well, retailing was my highschool major and back then, being a manager here would have been my dream job!

So, fully revived, I say, “Ok, you sit. I’m up!” And I go to the register to speak to an associate.

I explain what we are shopping for and why and ask if there is a shirt that would match these pants perfectly.  We look online but nothing, so the 3 of us start searching and low and behold! They have it!

A great broom stick color! We really wanted to match the Broomstick’s color to the colors in the film but it just wasn’t possible.


Here’s what we found!

Heritage Expidition Cargo Pants


Heritage Expidition Button Down Shirt

The only problem is the dark brown buttons… but no problem! I will pant them with nail polish!

This is a trick that my middle school best friend taught me…

My middle school best friend, Connie, taught me how to coordinate outfits from your head down to your toes and one of her secret weapons was nail polish!

She taught me that you can easily change the color of many things, from buttons to the rivets in your shoes and on your jeans, with nail polish!

Nail polish to change the color of the buttons

Sunday, Jason and I went in search of the perfect shade of nail polish! We scoured the nail polish section of many stores until finding a match!

We found it at Ulta! The color is Hike It Up nail lacquer by Essie.

Hike It Up nail lacquer by Essie

How to paint your buttons without getting polish on the shirt

Back in middle school, our hands were study enough that we could paint the buttons and rivets free hand but just to save from any mistakes, I made something similar to the thin cardboard things that you see on men’s packaged dress shirts.

I’m sure they have a name but, funnily enough – even with my retail background, I don’t know what they are called.

Eitherway, I’m sure you know what I mean…

Men’s dress shirts usually have this thin white board that the buttons are stuck through to keep the shirt from crinkling inside the plastic packaging.

In this case, I cut a couple straps of brown cardboard from old boxes, hole punched where the center of the button would be, slashed the cardboard from one side to that center point and then slide the cardboard strip between the button and the shirt fabric.

It worked perfectly!

1)Cut a cardboard strip
2&3. Punch holes and cut slashes to correspond with your shirt buttons

4. Slide under buttons and paint buttons using nail polish brush.

5. Don’t forget to paint the sides of the buttons and make sure you thoroughly cover the buttons!

The broom bristles

The bristles

For the bristles, we found actual grass skirts on Amazon. (I can’t give you the link because Jason ordered from his account)

Most of the grass skirts are made of nylon ribbon so, just keep searching until you find the actual grass skirts.

We wanted the bristles to go from just above Jason’s knees.

The child sized grass skirts are the perfect length for this!

On a side note, the grass skirts do not slip on, they tie on.

We talked about rather to glue, sew or attach the “bristles” with velcro but in the end, Jason wants to tie them around his leg.

He was a recreational boater for many years and knows all the sailors knots and is confident that he can tie them on and they will not fall off…so, we’ll see. Lol

Jason spray painted the grass skirts with a light coat of yellow spray paint.

We searched for clothing and paint colors to match the film colors as closely as possible. Because the grass was the natural dried grass color, Jason lightly spray painted the grass skirts yellow so they would contrast with his shirt and paints and match the colors in the film.

He also, ordered tan shoe laces and will extend the skirt tie strings by tying the shoe strings to the grass skirt ties.

He chose shoe strings because shoe strings are designed for minimal stretchage.

Although, I may make a few tack stitches just to elevate some of the gravitational force that will be trying to make the bristles fall down. Lol

The buckets

The buckets

At first we were going to use real buckets but we need to be able to easily carry them in our suit cases.

So, instead of actual buckets, I am covering brown kraft-paper bags with wood grain con-tac paper and then for the metal bands, I’m adding metal-look con-tac paper.

con-tac brand adhesive paper in Walnut color

This way, they will be super compact and portable but also sturdy enough to carry our water bottles and odds and ends!

I am making 2 buckets. Also, since I have more than enough of these paper bags, I’m going to double the bags, just to make sure our water bottles don’t fall through!

The width of the con-tac paper covered a little more than half of the bag and then I covered the rest in the same method.

I did want the “wood grain” to match up as much as possible, so I was careful to lay the second sheet of con-tac paper out in the same direction.

Since I have no shortage of supplies, I went ahead and covered the bottom of the bag as well.

con-tac brand adhesive paper in Stainless Steel color

The Stainless Steel colored con-tac paper was thicker and a little more difficult to work with, but for such a small area, it wasn’t a problem.

Paper bag Wooden Bucket for Socerer Mickey and Broomstick Costume

I was thinking that I may paint or wrap the handles in some silvery color to make them look more like the metal handles that they are supposed to be but Jason suggested silver spray paint, which I think is a great idea.

One of the Broomstick’s Buckets!

Although, I did give that job to Jason because the way spray paint over-sprays makes me nervous about using it!

To keep the infamous over-spray from ruining all the hard work I did on covering the paper bags with con-tac paper, I put the finished bag inside an extra bag, put another bag inside of it and put painters tape over the edges.

Two buckets ready to go to have their handles painted!
Like this. This way the bag with the con-tac paper on it is sandwiched between 2 other bags and there us no worry about spay paint over-spray.

The buckets came out perfectly!

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