The Outlaw Music Festival and Other Revelations

I was very tempted to name this post something REALLY fun and catchy, like for instance, “My Life-Long Love Affair with Willie Nelson”,


or “We’re All Outlaws at Heart”.


Welllll, Mr. Nelson may have personally, although I’m sure, through his law team, taken exception to the first, as it could only be true in the most romanticized fashion.

Especially since, I’ve never ACTUALLY met Willie Nelson. Lol

And, as far as being an outlaw at heart…

Well, ask any of my friends, I’m no outlaw.

Lol I’m just not cut out for it!

However, in the most romanticized, Anne of Green Gables or Holly Hobbie way, you could, just possibly 😉, say either is true. Lol

A beloved book, The Days of Holly Hobbie

But definitely NOT in an adult way.

Like a lot of children, my brother and I grew up on Cowboys and Indians!

When we were very young, every Christmas my brother got a new pair of chaps and play revolvers and I got a new Cowgirl hat, boots or dress (girls were not allowed to have pistols).

We watched all the John Wayne Westerns and lots of other Westerns, too.

As a little girl, I believed in the Lone Ranger and Tonto as much as Santa Claus… completely!

Jay Silverheels (left) as Tonto and Clayton Moore as the Lone Ranger

When our mother started dating our step-father-to-be, I was mesmerized that he was a “real live Indian” and I loved hearing his stories of being Cherokee Indian.

(John preferred the term Indian to Native American, however, I understand that the terms Native American or Indigenous People are now the politically correct terms.)

He would tell me stories of Little Hiawatha in a sing-song chant and later, he would chant happy adventure stories of LoBo the Wolf to my infant son to calm him, when no one else could.

Little Hiawatha the brave
Lobo the Wolf

As far as the aforementioned love-affair, well…

In an Anne of Green Gables or a Holly Hobby way…

that is to say, in the way of a little girl,

I have been madly in love with Willie since the first time I saw him walk across the TV screen in his pig-tail braids and his blue jeans.

Willie in Honeysuckle Rose

I watched as many of his movies as I could find on tv,

I cried over his sad songs,

I sang along with his cowboy songs,

Willie Nelson On the Road Again

and, I’ve dreamt of seeing him in concert, though I never thought I would.

Recently, I’ve been talking A LOT about how much I would love to see Willie, as I affectionately call him, in concert and that I’m afraid he could retire before I have a chance to see him.

The Highway Men: Waylon, Willie, Kris and Johnny

I mentioned, numerous times, that he would be in our neck of the woods this September with his Outlaw Music Festival but that it seemed like the only way to see just him in concert was to go to Texas.

Now, if you know me and Jason, I talk about things like this all the time, not actually expecting that anyone is listening – or remembering.

But to my great surprise, someone WAS listening AND remembering, because…

Lo and behold, this very morning, Jason surprised me with tickets to the Outlaw Music Festival!!

This was even more of a surprise because Jason doesn’t like country music and I knew from my previous research that the tickets were pricey!

He said if I wasn’t interested in the other bands, we could just go in time to see Willie because we have reserved seats.

But I said, No Way! I want to see all the bands!

If Willie has them on his tour, they must be good! And I can Shazam the songs I like, to find out the names and then add them to my Playlist!

To which, he replied, “sigh! I was afraid you would say that!” LOL

Willie Nelson and the Outlaw Music Festival

You can find information about the music festival here:

The band line up depends on the location.

Here in Columbia, the line up is Willie Nelson and Family, The Avett Brothers, Zach Bryan, Larkin Poe, and Brittney Spencer but not in that order.

I don’t know any of these bands, other Willie Nelson, but I looked up a few and like the sound of them!

Here, the festival grounds will open at 3:30pm.

The first band is scheduled for 4:30 and Willie is scheduled for 9:50pm.

So, it will be a long wait for Willie to appear but I’ve waited this long, so what’s a few more hours!

I can’t wait to go to the festival and see Willie Nelson on stage!!

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