Last of the Summer Wine – The best TV show you’ve never heard of!

My all time favorite show is Last of the Summer Wine!

Compo and Nora!
Oh good, an ejector seat. Well, that’s a novelty… Cheering Up Ludovic

It’s funny to say that because when I first saw it on MPT, I hated it! I thought it was the most boring show ever and then… I actually gave it a chance. Lol

At this point, I don’t even know how many years ago that was! I remember Josh had the flu and was home from school for a week. During the day, I let him stay on the sofa and watch tv while he rested. During that week, I sat with him in the afternoon and watched the Britcoms on MPT with him, including Last of the Summer Wine.

By the time the week ended, we were both hooked on Summer Wine!…

Years later, when I was in a very bad place in my life, I went to sleep every night listening to LSW. Life was so difficult at time and Last of the Summer Wine helped me get through it.

Deviations with Davenport; Foggy, Davenport, Clegg and Compo

I would just turn the tv on, set the sleep timer, put on LSW and fall asleep to the sounds of laughter, Compo, Clegg and Foggy…

Cheering Up Ludovic

AND It is still my go to show! If I need to cheer up or wind down, my go to shows are either Last of the Summer Wine with Compo and the gang or Gardner’s World with Monty Don and Frances Tophill!

Infact, I trained myself so well to go to sleep to LSW that, all these years later,  I have trouble watching an episode without getting sleepy! LOL

Although, honestly, I’m not a fan of the first 2 seasons because I don’t like the way the character of Cyril Blamire treats Compo and there a couple episodes that Foggy treats him very badly too, so I skip those episodes.

Other than that, truly, every episode is very good or great! I’m listing for you my favorite episodes, the the order that I like them, not in chronological order. I have a feeling that I missed a few so, I’ll revisit my list to add episodes or move episodes around!

If you only watch a few episodes, definitely start with my top 10! I watch on MPT, MPT2 and Amazon Britbox but you can find episodes on YouTube. HAVE FUN WATCHING! And please let me know what you think!

My Top 11 Favorite Episodes:

S11, ep 6 Getting Barry Higher in the World (“I was on full boost and after burner!” and “I’m not a flying welly!!”)
S18, ep 6 Deviations with Davenport(“I’m new to the area, I have an excuse to be lost”)
S17, ep 1 Leaving Home Forever or Till Teatime (John Wayne impressions and Quack Quack Howard)
S15, ep 3 The Black Widow (“If you must have a giraffe, keep it on a lead!”)
S14, ep 6 Happy Birthday, Howard (the one with the giant panda)
S 9, ep 4 The Really Masculine Purse (testing the Masculine Purse is too funny!)
S 8, ep 6 Whose Looking After the Cafe, Then? (“Who ordered the thumb print?”)
S 7, ep 4 Cheering Up Ludovic
S 9, ep 3 Dried Dates and Codfanglers (“Oh, Norm!”)
S 3, ep 6 Going to Gordon’s Wedding (the wedding scene is a great play on expectation vs reality)                           
S & ep ? The one where they meet Crusher.   

Episode Happy Birthday, Howard..It’s been one of those days! Sigh

Other Favorites
S30, ep 4 Will Howard Cross the Atlantic Single-Handed? ( Marina’s DOWN WITH MEN sign cracks me up!!!)
S12, ep 9 Roll On
S13, ep 4 Cash Flow Problems
S17, ep 8 Beware of the Elbow
S11, ep 3 Oh Shut Up and Eat Your Choc Ice
S20, ep 10 Ironing Day
S17, ep 3 The Glamour of the Uniform
S12, ep 4 Walking Stiff Can Make You Famous
S12, ep 2 Come In, Sunray Major
S10, ep 5 Downhill Racer
S19, ep 8 Nowhere Particular
S 9, ep 10 Edie and the Automobile
S14, ep 5 Ordeal by Trousers
S16, ep 8 The Sweet Smell of Excess
S22, ep 6 Gnome and Away
S18, ep 8 Next Kiss Please
S16, ep 3 The Defeat of Stoneworm
S 6, ep 6 Serenade for Tight Jeans and Metal Detector
S23, ep 4 The Incredible Ordeal of Norman Clegg
S 4, ep 2 Getting on Sidney’s Wire
S29, ep 6 Eva’s Back in Town ( I love that Eva has all her sexy undies hanging out on the line and she says she just hangs it out to keep up appearances for the neighbors. LOL)
S25, ep 7 Barry Becomes a Psychopathic Killer but Only Part Time
S25, ep 6 An Apple a Day (The LAD is too funny!)
S21, ep 1 Lipstick and Other Problems
S23, ep 5 Beware of the Hot Dog
S20, ep 9 The Phantom No. 14 Bus

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