Rice Cooker Cooking for the Rice Cooker Impaired: Vegetable Rice

Vegetable Rice is a quick, easy, super yummy meal or side dish. Personally, it is my favorite fall and winter lunch.

It’s perfect for your busy day because you simply toss all your ingredients in to your rice cooker and click on! Easy Peasy!

Gather your ingredients: Rice Cooker, 2 tsp Olive Oil, 1/2 C Carrots, 1/2 C Peas, 1/2 C Rice, a pinch of Salt

Vegetable Rice Steps

1. Plug in the ricer cooker so it begins to warm. Add about 2 tsp of extra virgin olive oil in the bottom of the cooker.

Basmati Rice with a pinch of salt

2. Using the measuring cup that is included with the cooker, add a 1/2 measuring cup of Basmati Rice.

2 tsp Olive Oil, 1/2 C Carrots, 1/2 C Peas, 1/2 C Rice, a pinch of Salt

3. Add a 1/2 Cup fresh or frozen peas and a 1/2 Cup of fresh or frozen Matchstick Carrots. (A small amount of chopped Onion is also good if you can tolerate onion)

4. Add a pinch of salt (I use just under a 1/8 tsp Morton coarse Kosher Salt)

Layer ingredients and add water

5. Using the same measuring cup that you measured the rice with, add twice as much water as you did rice. ie:1/2  measuring cup of Basmati Rice = 1 measuring cup water.

6. Click on the rice cooker.

7. Once done, in approximately 20 minutes, the rice cooker will automatically click over to the “warm” setting.

8. If you like the rice on the bottom to be crisp, leave the rice in for a few minutes longer to let that olive oil brown the rice  on the bottom.

Serving Suggestion

9. Unplug the rice cooker and transfer the finished rice to a bowl. Add a pat of butter, a pinch of salt and a touch of freshly ground pepper.

Mmmm! So Yummy!!!


In the winter, on those unusual days that I have the house to myself in the afternoon, I love to eat this warm comfort food while watching Last of the Summer Wine on MPT.😊

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