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It feels like we are constantly running out of good tv shows to watch. I have to avoid scary shows because I am highly susceptible to nightmares. I do love drama and adventure but sometimes, you just need to watch something that is light hearted and happy!

Watching Mystery shows is really pushing it for me because of my tendency towards nightmares. I think that’s why I love English Mysteries so much, you know something happened but you never actually “see” what happened. But, even with that, there are some that I can only watch with Jason holding my hand. Lol

Here are some favorite shows.

Some shows on this list Jason just refuses to watch and some shows I just refuse to watch with him, because I know he’ll pick at them, so I watch them after he’s gone to bed.Lol This works for the time being because I have a sleep disorder and am not able to sleep at normal times. I do hope to some day, hopefully sooner rather than later, be able to sleep while the rest of the world is. But… I guess we’ll worry about that IF it happens.  Lol

This list will grow as I remember more shows and watch me more shows. I will be posting a separate list for movies and old movies.



*Last of the Summer Wine
*Parks and Recreation
*New Girl
*Spaced (fyi, the zombie episode was pretty scary)
*Super Store
Gavin and Stacey
Keeping Up Appearances
Are You Being Served


*There She Goes (tv series with David Tennant)

Cozy Mystery

*Shakespeare and Hathaway


*A Place to Call Home


*Death in Paradise
*Frankenstein Chronicles
DCI Banks
Prime Suspect


*The Last Kingdom
*Stranger Things (this show scares me to death but I love it!)
*Marco Polo
*Pinky Blinders
*Gentleman Jack

Super Heroes

*Jessica Jones
*Dare Devil
*The Punisher
*Luke Cage
The Iron Fist
The Defenders

Good, Clean Family Shows/Watch with any age

*Little Men
*Blandings (the 2013 tv series)
*Mapp and Lucia ( the 2014 tv series)

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