Covid Hair, Don’t Care… Well, More Like, Can’t Deal!

For the last 8 to 10 years I could not get my hair long enough, now it seems like I can’t get it short enough!

March 19, 2019

I really did love my waist long hair, it was so beautiful (even if I say so myself. Lol). I got compliments on it any time I went out and that is all thanks to my stylist, my organic hair products and my hard work…but it really WAS hard work.

It’s not a complaint, it’s just the facts. Because I have very fine, silky hair, the knots were never ending. Washing and drying took forever, because it was constantly knotting up. Then there was conditioning treatments, in addition to the regular trims to keep away split ends… Add in sitting on it, getting it caught in car doors, car windows, moon roofs and my husband getting tangled in it while we slept… lol

March 19, 2019

All of these things were par for the course, just part of having my dream hair but with a the stresses of covid on top of it, I just couldn’t deal anymore. My stylist and I decided to cut it slowly, a few inches at a time, just to make sure that I was doing the right thing. My husband, son, friends and stylist Allison were very nervous. They were afraid that I would really hate it, but I was ready to make the leap!

At first, we cut off about 8 inches. I loved it and soon I was ready to cut more. That time we just cut off about 2 inches. That was 3 weeks ago and I’m ready to take about 5 more inches off! My appointment is this week, so wish me luck!

Before and after the big cut!

Ive been told that naturally blonde hair is hard to cut and it must be true because it has seriously taken years to find a truly good hair stylist! I have had a few very good stylists over the years but “few” is the key word! If you have a good stylist for your naturally blonde hair, hold on to them because they are like unicorns – beautiful, mystical and hard to find!

To my wonderful surprise, I stumbled upon such pair of unicorns after moving to Howard County. They worked in a beautiful salon in Historic Ellicott City, Maryland. They are both absolutely AMAZING stylist and I just love them both!

Unfortunately, the salon suffered greatly in the recent floods and had to close. Sadly, the staff, who were a close knit band of sisters, had to scatter. One of the beautiful, magical unicorns, Kali, had to move out of state. The other, Allison, I am lucky enough to have been able to follow to her new salon.

Her name is Allison. She is a color and cut specialist and she does an amazing job with my hair! If you live in Maryland and are looking for a beautiful, mystical unicorn to make your hair magical, Allison is the lady you are looking for!

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