Self Care is Not Selfish

It is important to remember that self care is not selfish. In order to stay well, we need to take care of ourselves and skin care is an important part of self care.

Love Yourself, You Deserve It!

A good daily skin care routine, just like a good daily oral care and hair care routine, is a major part of a healthy lifestyle. It is good for your appearance, your self esteem, your health and can go a long way towards preventing future problems. Which, also makes it part of loving ourselves and our lives!

Sadly, when you talk about skin care, alot of woman just think of makeup but skin care is much more than just makeup.

Because so many woman think of skin care solely as makeup application, when I mention skin care, many woman say, “I’m just not that kind of person.”

That statement always makes me want to say, “What do you mean? Your not the kind of person that washes their face??”

Self Care – Daily Skin Care Routine

But, actually, good skin care includes the care of the skin on your entire body, which is why, now a days, we also think of avoiding excessive sun exposure and wearing Sun Screen when we think of skin care but that wasn’t always the case.

A good skin care routine should include a few basic steps. Usually, cleansing, toning and moisturizing. As you get older or if you are having skin problems that you want help with, your Esthetician or Dermatologist will let you know what products to use and what order to use them in.

Skincare Products

If you need help figuring out a good daily skin care routine for your face or just need help figuring out different problems that your having with your facial skin, things like dry spots, break outs, etc, an Esthetician can help you.

Estheticians are licensed skin care specialists. They are trained to analyze and cleanse skin through a variety of techniques. They can do your skin a lot of good and, if needed, they can work in conjunction with a Dermatologist.

If you are looking for an Esthetician, I recommend asking your hair stylist and friends for recommendations and checking reviews of spas near you. The same goes for finding a Dermatologist, if you feel that you need more help than an Esthetician can give you.

If you are a cautious person and are not comfortable with jumping right into a facial with someone you have never met before, you can ask to start with a consultation. That way, you will have an opportunity to meet a head of time to discuss your skin care and make sure you feel comfortable with the professional.

Good nutrition is also part of good self care

Also, remember, once you have had a facial or treatment with an Esthetician or a Dermatologist, if you realize you are not comfortable with them, you can begin your search again.

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