Hang in There!

A message to everyone, including myself

Some days it’s hard to be strong but we will.

For ourselves.

For our loved ones.

Out of stubbornness.

Find your reason and stick to it.

For me, it’s my son.

Whenever I feel like I can’t cope with anymore, whenever I feel like giving up, I just think of him…

And I find my strength.

What gives you strength?

Published by sharietomlinson

I’m Sharie. Owner of Butterfly Bunny Studio. Mixed Media Watercolor Artist, Bunny & Disney Lover, Gardener, Proud Mother to Josh, Bunny Momma to Princess Buttercup Bunny and Wifey to Jason. I am located in Columbia, Md but I’m a Harford County girl at heart! You can find me on Etsy at Butterflybunnystudio.store and on Instagram at @notjoshsmom Email me at butterflybunnyarts@gmail.com

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