Low Fodmap Lemon Chicken Soup

My new favorite soup is Lemon Chicken Soup. It’s just so yummy and comforting!

I modified a traditional recipe to make this Lemon Chicken Soup Fodmap-friendly so it can be enjoyed without the pain caused by Fodmaps!

If you are Fodmap sensitive or Intolerant, like myself and possibly 20 or more percent of others, you have difficulty digesting foods that are high Fodmap foods and are constantly searching for low fodmap recipes!

For me, the biggest Fodmap offenders are onion, garlic and artichoke.

This can be very frustrating because onion and garlic are in most recipes and that has made it quite a challenge! But, my husband and I quickly got used to being onion and garlic free and it was wonderful to stop having all the nausea and stomach pain that they were causing me!

All that said, I’ll get to the recipe now!


Start by making Braised Chicken Breast in a Dutch Oven. (Here’s my Braised Chicken Breast Recipe and instructions)

The original un-altered recipe is from Amanda Batcher and you can find her recipe here! https://www.spendwithpennies.com/greek-lemon-chicken-soup/

* A word about the olive oil and sea salt… A few months ago, when I started braising chicken, I found that the chicken was taking on some of the taste of the olive oil I chose. Up to this point, I had just been cooking with whatever olive oil my husband was picking up at Trader Joe’s and figuring olive oil was olive oil, right? Wrong! Lol I started noticing that some times the chicken tasted better than others and the only variable was the olive oil. I had never thought about this before but it made sense. So, at this point, I started deliberately purchasing different olive oils to try based on the descriptions and some interviews on Samin Nosrat’s Netflix series/cookbook called Salt Fat Acid Heat. I also, tried the Diamond Crystal kosher salt based on Samin’s recommendation in her show and really liked it.

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