Saturday, July 2nd and Disappointment.

I so wanted to go back to Berlin, MD today and get one of the mermaid statues that we saw last weekend in the window of Town Center Antiques.

I had it all planned out!

Town Center Antiques in Berlin, Md

We’d go get one of the mermaids and then have ice cream and maybe get a few crabs and then tomorrow, I’d make bacon cheese burgers (with ground chicken) and ambrosia fruit salad for dessert ( I just had a sudden craving for this childhood treat).

But Jason said no, that he didn’t want to spend money on another “thing” that was going to sit around and we can’t eat.

His favorite saying it, “If we can’t eat it, don’t buy it”.

Dream Mermaid statues

I was afraid he would have exactly the answer that he did, but I REALLY want a mermaid statue for my garden. It’s been in my mind for years now and when i saw these statues, they were EXACTLY the staues I had been dreaming of.

Plus, these seemed to be excellent prices for their size!

I say “seemed to be” because the store was closed last Sunday when we were there, so I was trying to read the price tags through the widow and could be completely wrong about their prices.

In which case, I would have reluctantly said, “never mind, I don’t want them $$ much”.

The truth is, I actually want two staues.

Dream Mermaid statues

One for my summer display in our bay window and one for the garden but I knew there was no chance of getting them both at the same time or even in the same year and I was resigned to that.

Still, after he said no, all the sparkle sort of went out of the day and I lost all desire to go anywhere.

I’m not being that way on purpose.

I’m not deliberately being childish over it

or being stubborn, it’s just the way I feel.

Dream Mermaid statues

Like a balloon that just suddenly deflated.

Oh, well.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll be back in the holiday spirit.

Deflated balloon

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