Young Woman in a Lilac Dress

This beautiful young woman was evading me, but she finally emerged from my canvas, and I have to say that she was worth the struggle! Thanks to my husband’s encouragement, I did not give up on her! Before getting to this version of her, I repainted her completely three or four times. This final version,Continue reading “Young Woman in a Lilac Dress”

Ice Cream Trail and Other Adventures

Sunday, June 17th This Sunday we continued on with our ice cream trail challenge. Erum and Peter went along with us, which made it a great adventure! Our first stop… We left our house at 2pm. The plan was to stop at two ice cream stands and then find a place for a light dinner,Continue reading “Ice Cream Trail and Other Adventures”

Saturday, July 2nd and Disappointment.

I so wanted to go back to Berlin, MD today and get one of the mermaid statues that we saw last weekend in the window of Town Center Antiques. I had it all planned out! We’d go get one of the mermaids and then have ice cream and maybe get a few crabs and thenContinue reading “Saturday, July 2nd and Disappointment.”

Visiting the Maryland Ice Cream Trail

Jason and I heard about the Md Ice Cream Trail last summer. At the time, we talked about following it but we got busy and never got around to it. Earlier this week, Jason read something about it online and said, “You know, if we start this weekend, we could complete the Icecream Trail beforeContinue reading “Visiting the Maryland Ice Cream Trail”

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