Some Days Are Just Like This

The past few days I’ve been feeling really down.

I guess it’s the “after a holiday blues.”

Even Jason has commented on how down I’ve been. He actually said I’ve been in despair.

I think “despair” is a little too strong of a word but I have definitely been down.

These blues surprise me because with our Disney trip coming up, I have so much to look forward to.

Of course, there is also a certain amount of anxiety that comes with going away.

So much to worry about

There are my food, water and ice allergies,  which can make me very sick.

There’s Buttercup to worry about.

My mother and brother to worry about.

Lilies given to me by my brother

My mother and brother always seem to have some huge catastrophe every time I go away!

Not to mention, it will be my birthday and my mom has a way of giving me the worst possible news on my birthday, the worst of which was telling me on a birthday that my Dad was dying and only had 3 months left.

So, now I have a no-bad-news-on-my-birthday-rule. Lol

After all, waiting one more day to give me the bad news won’t kill her! Lol But it will certainly make my birthday better!

Plus, there’s my friend that is in the hospital…


I know most people my age are past wanting to celebrate their birthdays. Jason hates celebrating his.

I think the reason why I’m not tired of it is because when I was 9, my family stopped celebrating any holidays.

I didn’t celebrate my birthday again, I think, until sometime in my mid to late 30s.

I wish I could remember at what age I started celebrating again. I think I was at least 35, but give or take a year.

I remember telling my that niece that I decided to have a birthday party because turning a year older always made me so depressed and I was hoping that having a party to plan and look forward to would stop me from getting so depressed.


Birthday parties are still a relatively new thing to me.

So, they haven’t lost their sparkle yet!


I love planning parties.

Although, this year feels very different.

With my friend in the hospital, knowing that she’s never going to leave the hospital, I feel very disloyal to even think of having a birthday party this year. 

But it’s a mile stone year for me and my son and I think if I don’t have some kind of celebration, I’ll probably regret it in the future.

So, I think I’ll just have a low-key birthday dinner with the people I love.

I won’t go all out with the decorations or the cake and I’ll just give a single, simple party favor.

Past birthdays

One year, I had a gorgeous Unicorn Cake and for party favors I gave Rock Candy, Godiva chocolates and a beautiful bunny-corn cookie (bunny Unicorn).

Transporting my Unicorn cake, I can’t seem to find any photos from the actual party😞

Another year, I gave Godiva chocolates and various mini cakes. I had lots of pretty, pretty take home bags and boxes.

And on another birthday, I gave Godiva chocolate truffles in hand painted favor bags. I painted a different beautiful girl on each bag.

Godiva chocolate truffles in some kind bag or box are probably the thing I give most often.

I mean, you really can’t go wrong with Godiva chocolates!

A mermaid that I painted


I’ve been on a cotton candy kick since Easter, so I’m thinking about maybe having cotton candy from for my party favors this year!

To personalize them, I could paint an individual sticker for each person and put it on the bag of cotton candy… or

I could do a couple paintings just for my birthday, have them printed as vinyl stickers and put those stickers on the bags of cotton candy…

Hmmmm. I need to think about this! Lol


reminiscing about various past birthdays has cheered me up!

Thank you all!

Back garden
Blue Star Creeper
Wild Strawberry
Gladiolus and Black Eyed Susan
A sweet bee
Cone Flower with a hungry Bee
Swamp Weed and sweet fuzzy Bee
A view of my Toad Garden
Milk Weed and a sweet fuzzy Bee
Another view of my Toad Garden

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