Some Days Are Just Like This

The past few days I’ve been feeling really down. I guess it’s the “after a holiday blues.” Even Jason has commented on how down I’ve been. He actually said I’ve been in despair. I think “despair” is a little too strong of a word but I have definitely been down. These blues surprise me becauseContinue reading “Some Days Are Just Like This”

Happy Birthday!

Today is my birthday … My 49th birthday… but, shhhhh, don’t tell anyone that! Lol This year, I find that I’m feeling oddly happy and optimistic about it being my birthday! I woke up today wanting to shout, “Happy Birthday everyone” like Frosty the Snowman and then I remembered, it isn’t everyone’s birthday,  it’s MYContinue reading “Happy Birthday!”

It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want to…

We all grow older every year, that’s just a fact of life. Yet, some how every year, I am happy and proud that my son is turning a year older but ever since my mid 20s I have had a tendency to get depressed about my own birthday. The funny thing is, I didn’t evenContinue reading “It’s My Party and I’ll Cry If I Want to…”

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