A Special Painting and Fighting Procrastination

Saturday, July 23rd I finally sat down at my desk to work on a special painting. My muse My friend Erum is often my muse. With her long black hair, olive colored skin and self confidence, she’s very much the opposite of me. I am blonde, pale and shy. I have to force myself toContinue reading “A Special Painting and Fighting Procrastination”

Ice Cream Trail and Other Adventures

Sunday, June 17th This Sunday we continued on with our ice cream trail challenge. Erum and Peter went along with us, which made it a great adventure! Our first stop… We left our house at 2pm. The plan was to stop at two ice cream stands and then find a place for a light dinner,Continue reading “Ice Cream Trail and Other Adventures”

A Fun Saturday with Friends

Saturday, July 9th Saturday, we had planned to continue on the ice cream trail and our friends, Erum and Peter, were going to join us. Unfortunately, it ended up raining and since road trips are more fun in the sun, we decided to do something else! The Plan The plan was to have dinner atContinue reading “A Fun Saturday with Friends”

Some Days Are Just Like This

The past few days I’ve been feeling really down. I guess it’s the “after a holiday blues.” Even Jason has commented on how down I’ve been. He actually said I’ve been in despair. I think “despair” is a little too strong of a word but I have definitely been down. These blues surprise me becauseContinue reading “Some Days Are Just Like This”

Kindred Spirits, Anne Shirley and Diana dear

(Featured image is from the Seasons at Green Gables monthly planner by Anne Bielski) Friday, I visited my friend in the hospital again. This time I didn’t get lost I didn’t get lost driving there this time, which was wonderful and that meant that I got there much earlier than I expected to. We hadContinue reading “Kindred Spirits, Anne Shirley and Diana dear”

4th of July Recipes, Along with Some Magical and Not So Magical Memories

For years now, missing the 4th of July fireworks has made me feel as if I’ve missed the summer. 4th of July’s of the past As a child, after our mother married our step father, we were no longer allowed to go to see fireworks or parades on the 4th of July. My brother couldContinue reading “4th of July Recipes, Along with Some Magical and Not So Magical Memories”

Dealing with the Impending Death of a Friend

Thursday was a very hard day… It was my allotted day of the week to visit my friend in the hospital. My dear friend is dying.  I allot myself 1 or 2 days every week to go visit her and schedule it on my calendar because otherwise, it would be much too easy to stayContinue reading “Dealing with the Impending Death of a Friend”

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