Being Independent, Colonial Williamsburg and Blueberry Compote

We’ve been talking a lot about visiting Colonial Williamsburg once the weather is better.

I really love visiting Colonial Williamsburg and it’s a great springtime destination!

A friend of mine used to work there. I miss him, I miss the beautiful old houses and I miss the delicious food that’s served at the taverns.

This trip, Jason and I want to go together but one of the things I love the most about Colonial Williamsburg is that I can go there by myself, stay for days and never feel scared or out of place.

For my more fearless friends, like Erum, going someplace on her own is no big deal.

She flies all over the world by herself. She even changes planes! I can not do that.

I tried it a couple times when I was in my 20s. It was an absolute nightmare!

I’m always lost, no matter where I go and airports are BIG, scary places to get lost in!

Top that with the possibility of missing your connectioning-flight, therefore, ALSO losing your luggage and just the thought leaves me a basket case!

Now, I ONLY fly direct or drive…Or I don’t go!

As much as I would love to be fearless and intrepid, I’m just not.

I literally have to force myself to be independent.

I love Colonial Williamsburg (and Martha’s Vineyard) because there is something about them that allows, and even encourages, me to be naturally independent.

and I LOVE that feeling!

The last time I visited Colonial Williamsburg

was probably 4 winters ago.

Jason was going away on a business trip, and I wanted to go see the Christmas Tree lighting at Colonial Williamsburg.

Since it was last minute, I wasn’t very hopeful, but I called to see if I could get a reservation for my favorite room at my favorite tavern.

My favorite tavern is called the Market Square Tavern.

It’s across the street from Chowning’s Tavern.

Thomas Jefferson boarded there when he was in college!

I have been told that the Market Square Tavern is the only tavern that has a room with a working fireplace.

By the best kind of coincidence, someone had just canceled their reservations for that room, which is, of course, my favorite room!

Market Square Tavern

I love this room because

it has a charming 4 poster bed, a cozy wing back armchair, a working fireplace, and a nice view of the busy market square.

Also, you are able to park behind the building, which makes unloading a cinch!

It also has a front door leading out to the main street, DOG Street. You get a key to the front door (which makes you feel rich and famous! Lol) and Chowning’s Tavern is right across the street.

Being a big tea drinker, Chowning’s Tavern is about the only place you can get a good cup of tea late in the evening, AND they have the best chocolate ice cream!

I love to go over at the end of the evening, have a nice cup of decaffeinated Earl Grey tea, some peanuts in the shell (they are served instead of bread), and then take a dish of chocolate ice cream back to my room with me. Ahh, heaven!

During this visit,

I took a Christmas Decoration tour and came home with tons of photos, all kinds of decoration ideas, and Christmas-y stuff!

One of the decorations that I saw a lot of was dried orange slices. I love the stained glass look of the dried oranges and decided to make my own.

It was a lot of fun! I used our toaster/convection oven and dried big, thin slices of oranges and whole small oranges with about 4 slashes running from pole to pole.

I used the small whole oranges in pretty glass or wood bowls as table center pieces and hung the slices on golden floral wire that I strung with pearls.

It was really beautiful.

One morning during my stay,

I decided to splurge and get a healthy room service breakfast.

The things I remember most about that breakfast is that it was delivered on a silver tray with a red rose bud in a pretty little silver bud vase and the most DELICIOUS oatmeal, topped with Blueberry Compote, sprinkled with a few marcona almonds with a little silver pitcher of milk.

I had never heard of Blueberry Compote, but basically, it’s a warm blueberry sauce.

Normally, I’m not crazy about blueberries, but the Blueberry Compote was so delicious that I’ve never forgotten it!

Recently, I re-created the Blueberry Compote, and I’ll give you the recipe in a bit.

If you visit Colonial Williamsburg, I definitely recommend staying in one of the historic houses and eating at Christianna Campbell’s and the King’s Arms.

I do not know how much things have changed over the pandemic, but the last time I was there, Christianna Campbell’s and the King’s Arm were open on opposite nights and both can be difficult to get in to.

With this in mind, I recommend making your restaurant reservations at the same time as your tavern/hotel reservations.

Also, as of the last time I was there, Colonial Williamsburg offered the best afternoon tea between there and Maryland.

I love Afternoon Tea and hope to go again soon!

Please let me know your experiences, if you are able to visit!

Here is the Blueberry Compote recipe that I promised you!

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  1. Oh, I’m so happy you are going again! I hope y’all have a great time! I’m with you…traveling alone is really scary. I found my courage after being told I may not have much time to live in November. That changed my whole outlook! Thank you for the blueberry recipe! I’m going to try it for sure!🥰

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