Of Lemons and Oranges, Young Woman with Turquoise Background

For this painting, I started with my pale pink decoupage, sketched out my young woman, and then began adding another decoupaged background.

As an artist, inspiration for a project can come from almost anywhere.

Basically, the inspiration for this painting was this beautiful cocktail napkin!

As soon as I saw this napkin, I knew I had to use it as a background.

Being a cocktail napkin, an 8×8 cradled wood panel was the best fit, and the painting progressed from that point!

I have found that for the painting of the girl’s face

I prefer a pale-pink decoupaged background to a painted background, so I started there.

The Sketch

First, I made my Sketch on the pale pink, then I cut out and applied the lemon & orange background.

Adding the colorful background

It was a bit of a tedious job, but it was important because I did not want lemons and oranges to show through her finished face.

Finally, to the fun part: Color!

I decided to start with my Caran de ache Neocolor ii, water soluble pastels.

“Flesh” tone for light
“Apricot” for light shadows
“Salmon” and “Saffron” for a few darker shadows

I usually use my Caran d’ache on hot oress watercolor paper, so I wasn’t exactly sure how they would react on a decoupaged surface as the first phase of color.

I was careful not to use as much water as I would on paper, and my base color came out well.

Now for the rest of the colors!

I’m sorry, I forgot to record any videos of the progress for you.

I used my usual skin tones and she came out quite beautiful!

Skin tones. Holbein Acrylic Gouache is denoted by numbers and Turner Acryl Gouache by name.

Now, to determine hair and eye color!

I chose a light brunette color combo for her hair and a green and blue combo for her eyes.

Here is my color pallette
Here are my paint brushes

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