Windy Weather or A Chilly Spring

This painting started out as one thing and ended up as something completely different! Originally, I was envisioning the background of birds with a very colorful young woman. Not the usual skin tones, but lots of yellows, pinks, and lavenders. The birds are decoupaged on, and once the painting was finished, I had thought thatContinue reading “Windy Weather or A Chilly Spring”

Of Lemons and Oranges, Young Woman with Turquoise Background

For this painting, I started with my pale pink decoupage, sketched out my young woman, and then began adding another decoupaged background. As an artist, inspiration for a project can come from almost anywhere. As soon as I saw this napkin, I knew I had to use it as a background. Being a cocktail napkin,Continue reading “Of Lemons and Oranges, Young Woman with Turquoise Background”

Honey Bunch Her First Visit to the City, Copyright 1923, Red Cloth Cover, Vintage Book Altered Art Journal

This week’s Honey Bunch Altered Art Journal can be found in my Etsy shop at this link:

Tips on Running an Etsy Store, #1

As a fulltime artist and sole proprietor of Butterfly Bunny Studio my goal is to paint and / or work on shop administration on a daily basis. While the painting part is fun, the administration part is not but it is necessary and most be done. Working on admin daily helps to reduce stress becauseContinue reading “Tips on Running an Etsy Store, #1”

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