W1A – TV Series

My husband and I just finished watching the Mockumentary W1A. W1A is a comedy/Mockumentary about a team of people that work at the BBC headquarters, new Boardcasting House, “somewhere in London”. Basically, it’s the BBC making fun of itself and it’s doing a great job! Just as most documentaries are narrated, W1A is narrated byContinue reading “W1A – TV Series”

Shaun the Sheep and Other Fun Stuff

If you are looking for some good, clean family TV fun… or just looking for something fun to watch when you want to relax and you’re not afraid to watch an animated series, check out Shaun the Sheep! Shaun the Sheep is a British stop-motion animated series created by Nick Park. I first discovered Shaun theContinue reading “Shaun the Sheep and Other Fun Stuff”

World on Fire and Island at War

Recently, my husband and I realized that Max Riemelt and Brian J. Smith, as well as, Sean Bean were all in World on Fire. We weren’t particularly keen to start a series that would most likely be very sad but we are fans of all 3 actors so we could not pass up watching it!Continue reading “World on Fire and Island at War”

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