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My husband and I just finished watching the Mockumentary W1A.

W1A is a comedy/Mockumentary about a team of people that work at the BBC headquarters, new Boardcasting House, “somewhere in London”. Basically, it’s the BBC making fun of itself and it’s doing a great job!

Just as most documentaries are narrated, W1A is narrated by David Tennant.

Simon Harwood, Tracey Pritchard, Siobhan Sharpe, Ian Fletcher, Lucy Freeman, Will Humphries, Anna Rampton

The show is absolutely hilarious and stars many actors and actresses you will recognize, including Jessica Hynes and Hugh Bonneville.

W1A starts on Ian Fletcher’s (Hugh Bonneville) first day of work for the BBC as Head of Values. There’s no office for him, no desk available and nowhere for him to sit.

Everyone talks in circles, nobody ever finishes a sentence, most conversations go, “Yes, no, yes, ok.” (LOL) and Jessica Hynes’ character, Siobhan, has the most hilarious lines because she says everything wrong and nothing she says makes any sense at all!

Anna Rampton, Siobhan Sharpe, Ian Fletcher, Tracey Pritchard and David Wilkes

Some of Siobhan’s nonsensical lines are:

“let’s nail this puppy to the floor!”

“Let’s not bore the ocean here guys.”

“Nobody watches television anymore. Get over it. That’s not an overstatement. That’s an uberstatement”.

“It’s not brain science!” https://youtu.be/5QRvQYOWzEg

“Ok guys, so what we do here is we totally focus on plan B. Prioritize plan B.”…”We haven’t got a plan A stupid”… “No sure, exactly, we need a plan B. Duh!”

“I’m totally listening. What it is is, you guys aren’t saying the right stuff.”

I love that last one and want to remember it so I can use it! Lol

If you get a chance to watch W1A, be sure to let me know some of your favorite lines in the comments!c


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