Derry Girls

From the time we turned on Derry Girls until the end of season 2, we never stopped laughing!

This show is absolutely hilarious and from Erin Quinn to “the wee English fella” the entire cast is fantastic! There are so many great lines that I can’t even pick a favorite.

James (the wee English fella), Michelle, Erin, Orla and Clare

For reasons I really don’t know, my husband and I put off watching Derry Girls.

I think at the time that we noticed it, we had just finished watching a few highschool dramas or comedies and we were feeling a little bombarded with “highschool shows”.

So, we put it on our list to watch later.

And, WOW! It was just so well acted and so nostalgic!

Derry Girls was created by and written by Lisa McGee. It was produced by Hat Trick Productions of Britain.

The story follows 5 best friends, 4 girls that have grown up together and the English male cousin of one of the girls, through their highschool years.

In trouble again!

These teens are always in trouble, in the usual way that highschoolers get into trouble…

a little talking-back…

a little wearing too much makeup…

a little stealing a notice board from the local chippy…

a little accidentally setting someone’s house on fire while showing off…

Showing off!

a little sneaking out to go to a rock concert…

All dressed up and not allowed to go to the Rock concert! Well, we’ll just see about that!

you know… highschool stuff. Lol

So here we are…we just finished watching season 2 of Derry Girls and can’t wait for season 3 of THIS highschool comedy!

Also, don’t miss the The Great British Bake Off Derry Girls Episode! It was so much fun!

You can watch Derry Girls and The Great British Bake Off Derry Girls Episode on Netflix!

The Great British Bake Off Derry Girls Episode!


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