A Moody Christmas and The Moodys, Australian Tv Show

If you’ve ever been to a crazy family gathering and probably most of us have at some time or other, I think you will appreciate this show.

Or, if you’re the kind of person that often feels like, the family “in your head, is not the family that shows up”, you might even be nodding right along! Lol

The Moodys

But beware, if you’re like my husband and I, there will be a lot of yelling coming from your sofa of things like, “Oh, no! Don’t do it!”, or “OH, God! Why did they do it?”, or “Gah! I can’t even look!”!

This is a seriously funny show!

Season 1 is dedicated solely to Christmases and has 6 episodes.

The series opens up with Dan (and a guest appearance by Mark Heap!), the youngest son, in a London Airport preparing to fly home to Australia for the Christmas holiday.

Each episode of season 1 opens in a similar manner but the Christmas disasters vary year by year!

Season 2 branches out into various other holidays and special occasions, such as Easter Holiday, a Wedding Anniversary and so on, with 8 episodes.

The Moodys
Season 2

As I mentioned above, The Moodys is an Australian Television Series. My husband and I watched it on Amazon Prime/Acorn TV.

As with many comedy shows, there is adult content and some gross content and I do not recommend watching with children until you’ve had a chance to watch it yourself and decide whether your child is mature enough.

Australian Day

Let me know what you think of it!

Note: I have read that there is also an American Series of the same name, but I have not seen it.

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