Visiting the Maryland Ice Cream Trail

Jason and I heard about the Md Ice Cream Trail last summer.

At the time, we talked about following it but we got busy and never got around to it.

Earlier this week, Jason read something about it online and said, “You know, if we start this weekend, we could complete the Icecream Trail before (Md) Renaissance Festival starts.”

SO… Challenge accepted!

What is the Maryland Ice Cream Trail?

The Maryland Ice Cream Trail features ten creameries that produce and sell their ice cream (and sometimes milk) directly to the public.

It was began to promote Maryland’s dairy industry, increase the public’s understanding of dairy farming, to highlight the importance of Maryland’s dairy farms and runs from May 28 – September 30th.

You can check out the website here:

As part of the challenge, you are asked to collect a photo or selfie at each of the ten creameries.

You can post your photos on social media with the hashtag, #MDIceCreamTrail, but to be in the drawing for “Maryland’s Best Ice Cream Champion Trailblazer”, you need to submit your photos through email to

What’s the plan?

Our plan is to visit atleast two creameries on the ice cream trail every Saturday, until we complete the trail.

If we start gaining too much weight, we’ll just have to settle for a taste of the ice cream, instead of a full scoop of ice cream!Lol

Where to start?

This morning, we looked online again at the various creameries on the list and picked one from the list and one that was not on the list but looked equally as yummy!

What we did

We started by going to the Woodbourne Creamery at Rock Hill Orchard in Mt. Airy, Maryland.

Our first stop: Woodbourne Creamery at Rock Hill Orchard in Mt. Airy, Maryland.

They feature grass-fed Guernsey cows and the ice cream was WONDERFUL!

The Woodbourne Creamery stand looks like any other barn-style farm stand.

My husband and I at our first stop

They did have a play ground for children but since I don’t have children, I only saw it from the parking lot.

A giant carved ice cream cone next to the pick up area

I had the Toasted Coconut Chip ice cream in a waffle cone and my husband had their vanilla ice cream, which they call Guernsey Cream, in a dish.

Both flavors were delicious!

We also bought a small jug of their milk to try.

Normally, I only drink milk and water bottled in glass (I have an allergy to plastic water bottles, so I get everything that I can in glass bottles.)

However, their Guernsey milk is only sold in plastic jugs, so I’ll give it a try. If I get sick, I’ll know it was my allergy that did it.

While we were ordering and picking up our ice cream, we were the only ones there.

They had a few picnic tables but none were in shaded areas and since I got a severe sunburn yesterday, we ate in the shade of our car.

There were fields behind the farm stand but since they were also in full sun, we did not walk up the hill to look at them.

By the time we left, the stand had gotten pretty busy.

Our second stop: Little Red Barn Ice Cream Cafe, in Jefferson, Md.

Next, we went to the Little Red Barn Ice Cream Cafe, in Jefferson, Md.

Little Red Barn Ice Cream Cafe, in Jefferson, Md.
Order and carry out windows
Carry out menu
Ice cream!!

This place was absolutely Adorable!!

It was designed to look like an old fashioned red barn, complete with the split doors where the order and pick up windows were.

We got there just before dinner time and the place was packed. There were benches and a picnic under a shade tree. There were more tables on a sunny patio. There was also a satellite dirt and grass parking lot that had at least one bench and one picnic table but my husband said they they were in full sun.

Since it was getting on to be dinner time, we ordered sandwiches first. The sandwiches were quite tasty.

While we ate our sandwiches, we could hear church bells ringing and the area emptied out but by the time we ordered and sat down to eat our ice cream, it became very busy again.

The Little Red Barn Ice Cream Cafe serves Hershey Ice cream, so I had my usual mint chocolate chip ice cream in a sugar cone and my husband had coffee cookies and cream in a cake cone.

From there, we headed home.

We had a very nice day and will be looking forward to next Saturdays trek on the ice cream trail!

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