Fighting Weight Gain and Hypoglycemic Attacks

Tuesday, July 12th It can be a vicious circle. You have pain that stops you from exercising and then you gain weight. In an attempt to loss the weight, you cut calories and then you have low blood sugar attacks. To stop the low blood sugar attacks (Hypoglycemia), you have to eat more. Then youContinue reading “Fighting Weight Gain and Hypoglycemic Attacks”

Monday Meal Prep

Today I’m brining chicken breast for Jason to grill. Brining chicken for grilling I have about 2 1/2 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast that I want to brine and have Jason grill for lunches and possibly quick dinners. I always brine my Thanksgiving Turkey and it is Amazing! But, as far as I canContinue reading “Monday Meal Prep”

Pre-4th of July dinner!

I know that after my earlier post, you say a don’t what a good sulk is but, we had the yummiest of pre-4th of July dinner on Saturday! Lol As many of you know, usually, the only meat I eat is chicken and very occasionally, turkey. You can read more about that here, But,Continue reading “Pre-4th of July dinner!”

4th of July Recipes, Along with Some Magical and Not So Magical Memories

For years now, missing the 4th of July fireworks has made me feel as if I’ve missed the summer. 4th of July’s of the past As a child, after our mother married our step father, we were no longer allowed to go to see fireworks or parades on the 4th of July. My brother couldContinue reading “4th of July Recipes, Along with Some Magical and Not So Magical Memories”

Tidying the Kitchen Pantry

Today’s forecast is rain, so it’s a good day to reorganize the kitchen pantry. Despite the fact that the pantry was built along with the rest of the house, by the same company that built the house, the pantry has a very sparse, beginner-DIY look to it. On one half of the pantry, the shelvesContinue reading “Tidying the Kitchen Pantry”

Visiting the Maryland Ice Cream Trail

Jason and I heard about the Md Ice Cream Trail last summer. At the time, we talked about following it but we got busy and never got around to it. Earlier this week, Jason read something about it online and said, “You know, if we start this weekend, we could complete the Icecream Trail beforeContinue reading “Visiting the Maryland Ice Cream Trail”

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