A Lazy Sunday

Today feels like the definition of a lazy summer Sunday.

The weather is perfect. Temperatures are in the mid to high 70s, a breeze is blowing and the trees are shading the back yard.

Shady trees

My husband loved his father’s day gifts and now he’s content to do nothing more than browse news stories and Reddit on his computer.

I’m tempted to take a nap but I have all those beautiful flowers waiting out back to be planted, so I think I’ll do that…

Deciding which pots to use for each plant

I tried to talk my husband into sitting out on the lounge chair while I plant but he just laughed and said “BORING!”. Lol

It’s funny how one person’s “BORING!” Is another person’s idea of heaven!

So, I’ll go out for a few hours and plant, while he browses the internet. Lol

Then we can have coffee together in the garden before I start dinner.


This is perfect weather for planting. It’s not too hot, so the plants and I will be much less stressed!

My garden sprayer didn’t survive the winter, so I’ll be filling a bucket with water and dipping a watering pitcher into it.

Watering Pitcher

I was searching for a couple summers for the perfect watering pitcher for plants that can’t take direct spray from the garden hose. Something pretty enough for display but also useful and sturdy.

Finally, last fall, I found the most adorable watering pitcher at Home Goods or T J Maxx, I can’t remember which but it’s so sweet and it pours perfectly! I would have preferred a bright yellow or pink but I like this blue, so I went with it and I’m not sorry that I did!

Pretty little watering pitcher

Where to put what

I spent some time moving pots and flowers around until I had something I really liked and then I started planting.

Learning how to plant

Being the granddaughter of a farmer, I like to think that gardening and growing things is in my blood but the truth is, I’ve struggled to keep things alive. Unlike, my mother, brother and sister, who seem to be able to grow anything!

I was young when my grandfather passed away but had spent several summers working with the rest of my family on his farm plots.

He taught us that you should dig you hole, put water in the hole, put your plant in, press it in firmly to make sure there are no air packets, cover with soil, press that down and then water again.

My husband and I also watch everything we can find of Sir Monty Don’s, England’s top gardener and Frances Tophill. Frances is a British horticulturist, author and television presenter that we first saw on the Gardener’s World television show and I just adore her!

There is also an Irish gardening show that I love to watch called Grow Cook Eat. It is presented by Michael Kelly and Karen O’Donohoe.

I’m a messy garden

I think my gardening area looks like a war zone but once I clean up my mess, it will be gorgeous!

The in-progress mess
The in-progress mess
Sweet Marie came to visit me again

So, here’s what I planted…

Bright pink Zinnia
Pink Zinnia in various shades of pink
Blue star creeper
A yellow Zinna
Evening Primrose
Tall pale lavender Phlox

I love these pots

I love this pot!
A double decker toad home
My sweet piggy pots😊
My sweet piggy pots😊

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