Tuesday, July 26th

Tuesday, July 26th Today was much cooler than it has been lately and Jason encouraged me to go outside and enjoy my garden. So, I gave myself permission and I did just that! Give yourself permission In this fast paced world we live in, it’s important to give ourselves permission to just BE…to sit still…toContinue reading “Tuesday, July 26th”

Visiting the Garden Center

Last Friday, I visited Valley View Farms in Cockeysville, Md. I had a lot of empty flower pots and I really wanted to fill them up, so I decided it was time to visit a garden center. I have 3 favorite garden centers. I really love this garden center. It’s been here for as longContinue reading “Visiting the Garden Center”

A Lazy Sunday

Today feels like the definition of a lazy summer Sunday. The weather is perfect. Temperatures are in the mid to high 70s, a breeze is blowing and the trees are shading the back yard. My husband loved his father’s day gifts and now he’s content to do nothing more than browse news stories and RedditContinue reading “A Lazy Sunday”

A Disturbing Find on Our Tomato Plants

Our tomato plants seemed to be doing so well and then suddenly started looking bad. It’s true that the weather has started to change but there are still a lot of green tomatoes. We are practicing organic gardening, so bugs are to be expected but up until this point, we had not seen any. Suddenly,Continue reading “A Disturbing Find on Our Tomato Plants”

The Journey of One Marigold from Bud to Bloom in Photos

This spring, along with many other seeds, I planted a full packet of Marigold seeds. I was envisioning an explosion of these golden beauties. As time went on, it looked like none of them were going to sprout. Finally, a few sprouted but sadly, no buds appeared. Just when I thought all hope of beautifulContinue reading “The Journey of One Marigold from Bud to Bloom in Photos”

The Joys (and tears) of Small Space Gardening

I thought planting a garden from seed would be a great way to save money while getting all the plants I wanted. I had dreams of all types of vegetables and flowers in lovely terra cotta pots filling our bleak but sun drenched upper balcony, like a cheerful cottage garden! The experience turned out toContinue reading “The Joys (and tears) of Small Space Gardening”