An Extra Busy Tuesday

Last Tuesday was super busy.

I woke up extra early and headed to Pennsylvania to drop some things off to my brother and help our mother a bit.

Our mother is elderly and lives with my brother. She can not do much for herself anymore and my brother does a great job of taking care of her but it’s hard work and he appreciates when I can give a hand.

That’s not to say that I don’t do my share, because I do, it’s just that I’m so far away that he has the daily “hands-on” care and I am sort of “technical support “. Lol

I provide daily moral support via phone and text, help with the budget, phone calls, cell phone problems, instacart trouble, place Amazon orders, do anything that has to be done on the computer, drive to and from all appointments and the list goes on.

You could say we are VERY BUSY! lol

Cleaning floors

Today there was a new nurse coming to help, so while the nurse was with our mother; I changed her sheets, emptied her trash cans, cleaned her rug and other various chores.

As you may remember, I have a sleep disorder, so I really don’t get much sleep.

My trips to Pennsylvania tire me out so much that I always have trouble staying awake for the drive home.

Home again

My husband cooked dinner tonight, which gave me about 30 minutes to sit on the sofa and relax.


As you may know, I have to give my bunny medications twice a day.

Buttercup took her medication very nicely tonight, which was a relief.

She gets 1 eyedrop in one eye, twice a day and 2 different pain medications. One of the pain medications is once per day and the other is twice a day and she gets very tired of taking medications.

Sometimes she just refuses!

You might be wondering how a bunny can refuse medications. Well, she becomes highly agitated and stressed out, starts huffing and puffing, digging, snapping and biting… and in cases like that, it’s better to just put the medications back away and try again later… or the next day.


She’s a wonderful bunny but has a completely different personality than any other bunny I’ve ever had.

However, she is the first dwarf bunny I’ve ever had.

All my other bunnies were full size, which is much larger than you’d imagine.

When I decided it was time for another bunny, I researched dwarf bunnies because I thought I might like to down-size, so to speak.

The general advice was, “the smaller the bunny, the feistier the bunny” but her breed is not the smallest, so I thought, “how feisty can she be?”

And the answer is, EXTREMELY! Lol

All stretched out!

Have a great day!

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