An Extra Busy Tuesday

Last Tuesday was super busy. I woke up extra early and headed to Pennsylvania to drop some things off to my brother and help our mother a bit. Our mother is elderly and lives with my brother. She can not do much for herself anymore and my brother does a great job of taking careContinue reading “An Extra Busy Tuesday”

Tidying the Kitchen Pantry

Today’s forecast is rain, so it’s a good day to reorganize the kitchen pantry. Despite the fact that the pantry was built along with the rest of the house, by the same company that built the house, the pantry has a very sparse, beginner-DIY look to it. On one half of the pantry, the shelvesContinue reading “Tidying the Kitchen Pantry”

Daily Routines

Today is a cleaning day. I like cleaning, it makes me happy. Today’s goal is to water the garden, change the beds and do as much laundry as possible. I put the first load of laundry in the washer and a pot of soup on the stove for tonights dinner this morning.  I really hope toContinue reading “Daily Routines”

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