An Extra Busy Tuesday

Last Tuesday was super busy. I woke up extra early and headed to Pennsylvania to drop some things off to my brother and help our mother a bit. Our mother is elderly and lives with my brother. She can not do much for herself anymore and my brother does a great job of taking careContinue reading “An Extra Busy Tuesday”

Life with Bunnies Series

Life with Bunnies Series – Is a Bunny Right For You? Bunnies are wonderful pets but it is important to keep in mind that they are unlike dogs. Bunnies are aloof and independent. They make great house pets because they can be litter trained, making them similar to cats. If you are thinking of aContinue reading “Life with Bunnies Series”

Life with Bunnies Series

Life with Bunnies – Litter Training One great point about bunnies is that they are relatively easy to litter box train! Once trained, you can allow them the run of  bunny proofed rooms in the house. Bunny’s do prefer privacy when they use the litter box. Once they are trained, you will want to keepContinue reading “Life with Bunnies Series”

My Grandpa and My First Bunny…and the lessons Learned

I have had a bunny for most of my life. My first bunny was a gift from my grandfather. My grandfather was a large, handsome man. He carried himself like John Wayne and I have never had another male role model that could compare. His name was Ed Schroeder but his friends called him Eddie.Continue reading “My Grandpa and My First Bunny…and the lessons Learned”

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