Ice Cream Trail and Other Adventures

Sunday, June 17th

This Sunday we continued on with our ice cream trail challenge.

Erum and Peter went along with us, which made it a great adventure!

Our first stop…

We left our house at 2pm. The plan was to stop at two ice cream stands and then find a place for a light dinner, if we had room for dinner.

Erum and I!

However, Erum was very hungry so we started with sandwiches at the Little Red Barn.

I had a bacon and tomato on toast, Erum had turkey with cheese, Peter had a reuben and Jason had a chicken sandwich.

Sandwiches and chips

After our sandwiches, we had ice cream.

The Little Red Barn serves Hershey’s ice cream.

I had Coconut Joy on a sugar cone. The coconut joy was a vanilla based ice cream with coconut and chocolate covered almonds .

It was so delicious! I really loved it!

Peter had an orange and cream ice cream, called Orange Blossom and it looked amazing! He said it was exactly like something he used to get as a child.

I was trying to fix my hair so I’m the only one not smiling! Lol

Erum and Jason both had a coffee chocolate chip ice cream.

We all ordered a single scoop but our cones/bowls looked more like 3 scoops!

We wanted to take photos but first Erum’s cone got stuck in her bowl and then my ice cream started sliding off the cone. It was quite the ice cream experience!

This little stand is just adorable! The teenage servers are all very nice and they all work hard.

It’s always crowded but the line moves pretty quickly.

We definitely recommend them!

Our second stop

For our second stop, we visited the South Mountain Creamery Dairy Farm.

All of us!
South mountain creamery

This was a small farm stand located right on the dairy farm.

We were all so full that we almost left without ice cream!

But in the end, Peter tried a scoop of the orange pineapple ice cream and I tried the chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream.

The water in the hand washing trough was so cold and refreshing!

The chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream was just amazing!

We strolled over to watch the cows as we ate our ice cream. They would stroll slowly from their barn, out to a clearing where they would drink water and then back to their barn.


Our next stop

Originally, we had planned to get a light dinner somewhere but we were all just too stuffed.

On our way back towards home, we stopped at a Starbucks for coffee.

I had a decaf Cafe late with whipped cream and boy was it good!

Jason had a 2 shot espresso and Peter an americano. Erum

There’s never a dull moment

We even had an adventure driving home!

We had taken our Ford Edge and Jason drove.

I sat in the back with Erum and let Peter sit up front, so that Erum and I could talk more easily.

Jason is used to driving a mini Cooper and he tends to drive like he’s in a race car, whipping around corners and flying over bumps in the road.

He seemed to forget sometimes that we were in the big Ford Edge on tiny, curvy, back roads. He would sling-shot around the curves and Erum and I would slide all around in the back, despite wearing seat belts.

After the ice cream, we were looking for a coffee shop. I think we past three and they were all closed.

Peter spotted a Safeway and said they would probably have a Starbucks, so Jason headed that direction.

Erum and I were talking and not paying any attention to the road. Suddenly, Jason hit a big bump of some kind and Erum and I were actually air bound!

We bounced inches into the air and slammed back down with force!

I’m sure it didn’t, but it felt as if my neck came out of joint as I flew up into the air and then slammed back down when I landed again and at the same time, my head was thrown back against my head rest!

It was painful and I screamed, “Ow! I think i have whip lash!”. Erum screamed too and then we burst out laughing.

Just then, I realized with horror that Erum wasn’t wearing her seat belt so I asked her to put it on.

We laughed and laughed like girls in the back row of the school bus and couldn’t stop laughing but really, I think we could have been hurt.

I’m sure if we had been in the little VW GTI we would not have flown in the air like we did!

It was quite an experience!

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